Event Grants


The aim of the scheme is to set up specific events to showcase activities and share good practice as part of the Football People weeks. Further, the Event grant scheme seeks to boost the development of new and unprecedented activities.

Proposed events and interventions should meet one or more of these objectives:

  1. Make football more inclusive by tackling exclusion and discrimination
  2. Improve the representation of minorities and women in football
  3. Utilise football as a tool for empowerment and social inclusion
  4. Educate and breakdown stereotypes

Activities funded

To receive funding, the proposed events must be specific in the issues they address and the objectives they seek to achieve. All projects must be implemented under the umbrella of the Football People action weeks in October 2015.

The  events should be football related and address one or more topics concerning ethnic minorities, asylum seekers, undocumented migrants, gender issues, homo/trans/bi-phobia, celebrating LGBT rights, disability, institutional discrimination or exclusion.

Events that can be funded:

  • National or international level conferences
  • National/international launch events or presentations for education materials, films, exhibitions, research reports etc
  • Lobbying events (at parliamentary or regional assembly level)
  • Other innovative events, also informal, with national or international level impact

Award criteria

All applications will be assessed against a set of criteria:

  • Topics addressed
  • Quality of publicity strategy
  • Good partnerships and stakeholder involvement
  • Impact of the project and expected results

Fare encourages applicants to work in cooperation with partners to increase the impact and visibility of the event.

The visibility and publicity of the event is as important as the content. Applications without a dedicated media and publicity strategy cannot be funded. Read the Media Support section and get in touch with Fare before you apply if you need help with this.

Who can apply?

The Event Grants scheme is open to all formal or informal groups and organisations that can prove they have the capacity to plan and deliver an Event with national or international character.

Applicants might be organised fan groups, football clubs, human rights organisations, educational institutions, legislating authorities, policy makers, think tanks, researchers, football authorities, groups of professionals, etc.

The grants are focused on activity in Europe.

How much can we apply for?

Grants of up to 3,000€ are available. However, applicants must cover at least 20% through other sources.The grants will not exceed 80% of the overall costs.

All grants recipients will have to sign a formal agreement with Fare. The grant will be paid 50% before implementation and 50% after delivery.

After completion of the project, the grants recipients have to submit a written and brief financial report. The written report should contain high-resolution photographs, press clippings, links to articles on websites, links to Youtube clips and social media.

Activities that cannot be funded

The Event grants cannot be used to fund, existing events, stand alone tournaments, for awareness raising activities in stadiums such as team banners, flags etc. and small-scale local interventions. For local activities please apply for a small grant in August.