Football v Homophobia Month of Action


The Football v Homophobia month of action, first held in February 2010, uses the period to promote positive action against discrimination based on sexuality or gender identity in and through the sport.

Prejudice and discrimination against LGBT+ people is still present in many areas of football Homophobic chanting, the use of derogatory terms, homophobic signs and banners, are only some examples of the discriminatory behaviour that LGBT+ fans, athletes and others are being subjected to.

To counter that, Fare and Football v Homophobia support a range of activities, including educational workshops, round-tables, conferences and themed football tournaments to reach supporters, clubs and activists across Europe to send out a unified message of inclusion in stadia.

Football v Homophobia is an international campaign that provides support, education and training to promote an inclusive environment in football and challenges homophobic behaviour in the game.

Get involved

The Football v Homophobia month of action is an opportunity for everyone in football to get involved in the fight against homophobia.

Grants of up to 500€ are available for activities in February 2020.

Deadline to apply was 5 January 2020, but you can still register your activity and request campaign resources.

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In 2020 Fare has awarded grants to 26 groups around Europe, a complete list for which you can view here.