List of FvH activities 2020


In 2020, a partnership between Fare and the international campaign Football v Homophobia funds 26 organisations to deliver football activities during the period.

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Intelektualet e rinj, Shprese

20-21st February, Shkoder

Intelektualet e rinj, Shprese will be organising a workshop on LGBTIQ inclusion by means of cultural and sporting activities for young people. The aim of the workshop is to break prejudices around gender identity and sexual orientation among young people while educating them on inclusion. This is achieved by practical tasks and interactive debates between the young participants, who are also taught to become multipliers. Being a multiplier means that they will continue to carry out the message of protecting and granting LGBT rights by promoting these values, particularly on social media.


Bosnia and Herzegovina

Association “New Woman”

15-16 February, Semizovac

Association ‘New Woman’ in cooperation with the LGBTQ organisation Sarajevo open Center, will be organising a workshop on sexual orientation and homophobia, including women and New Woman staff. The workshop will be followed by an exhibition match between two New Woman teams, where participants will wear messages against homophobia.



Global Organization for Development /G.O.D./ NGO

1-23rd February, Sofia

Global Organization for Development /G.O.D./ NGO will be hosting a half a day workshop on February 10 under the slogan “football as a tool for fighting homophobia”.

The main topics of their workshop are how football can be usefd to fight homophobia and the improvement of LGBTIQ representation and participation in football. From theor base in Sofia, the Global Organization for Development /G.O.D./ NGO will aim to reach participants across Bulgaria by means of a social media campaign that runs from the 1st until the 23rd of February. The project is supported by the Municipality of Sofia, the Human Resource and Development Centre of Bulgaria’s Ministry of Education and Science, as well as the National Information System of Youth of Bulgaria’s Ministry of Youth and Sport.




qSPORT Zagreb

21-23rd February, Zagreb

qSPORT Zagreb will be hosting a Queer Sport Weekend including a women’s football tournament, an LBT football movie screening and discussion and an experienced-based workshop. The event also includes mixed tournaments in volleyball, badminton and women’s basketball, as well as a ballroom dancing workshop. The aim of the organisers is to boost the visibility of LBT women’s football within the Zagreb region, which is achieved by debating topics such as: challenges to self-organised football for LBT women, identity & football and homophobia in football. The event has raised awareness within the region in the last few years and is intended to expand its reach to more remote areas of the Balkans through this year’s edition.



GAD Khalsa Sports Club

2-29th February, Derbyshire

GAD Khalsa Sports Club is organising an awareness campaign to introduce football v homophobia into its community club in the long term. They will be uploading social media news bulletins to include football v homophobia related activities. Activities will be including awareness raising by flying rainbow corner flags during matches, training sessions paired with team talks about inclusion and event dissemination via GAD Khalsa Sports Club’s website and social media.




La Compagnie Le Trimaran

3-21st February, Limoges

La Compagnie Le Trimaran will be organising three interventions in the high school in Limoges and Paris. The activity begins with a presentation of a show named “Graine de Sportifs” performed by actors. This is followed by a debate with high school students around important issues such as racism, homophobia, anti-semitism and discrimination. After that the students are invited to join the actors on stage. The participative aspect of their intervention forms the core element because it allows the young people to put themselves into someone else’s shoes and reflect on their prejudices. Around 180 high school students and sportsmen will participate in the activity.



FC Paris Arc-En-Ciel

8th February, Paris

FC Paris Arc En Ciel will be organising a five-a-side tournament with a programme of side events including quizzes and lectures. LGBTQI-teams as well as teams that are less aware of homophobia in sports, such as Federation Française de Football and the Football Loisir Amateur association teams, will be participating. The quizzes are based on the history of men’s and women’s football, on homophobia in football, sports and day-to-day life.



Youth for Peace and Equality

7-26th February, Tbilisi

Youth for Peace and Equality will be organising workshops and mixed-team football tournaments including the local gay community. The workshops are based on a manual produced by the Council of Europe.



Gesellschaftsspiele e.V.


15th February-15th March, Berlin 


Throughout the month of February Gesellschaftsspiele e.V. will be developing learning materials to fight homophobia and support the acceptance of LGBTQ+ among young people. This will take the form of a workshop that will be carried out in schools or other places where young people come together. Gesellschaftsspiele e.V. is experienced in bringing football related topics and human rights education to teenagers and young adults. During their month of activities, experts and members of Gesellschaftsspiele e.V. gather for two or three sessions to develop and test and merge different approaches and methods, as well as a workshop that addresses the needs and interests of young people.







Sporting Pride

22nd February, Dublin

Sporting Pride will be hosting a member of TENI (Transgender Equality Network Ireland), who presents on how to be more inclusive towards the transgender community in sports. The event will also provide an opportunity for attendees to network and exchange ideas. The activity will be hosted at Marino College in Dublin. Members of LGBTQ-inclusive football clubs will be invited, alongside interested representatives from soccer clubs and organisations throughout Ireland. Attendees will be receiving printed resources with information on working with the transgender community, which will also be made available to all football clubs and further interested parties.












16th February, Padova

A.S.D Quadrato Meticcio will be hosting two days of activities at their headquarters at Piazza Caduti della Resistenza, Padova. The main theme of the events will be dealing with the topics of stereotypes and discrimination based on gender and sexual orientation, which will be brought across through games. The attendees are invited to interact with but also confront each other, while food and wine are being served.

Event activities will include a football tournament with team-specific disadvantage rules, a reflection on the tournament, different alternative football exercises, a short film viewing and debate on sexism and homophobia, a running race themed “The Mirror of Social Inequality”, a poetry slam performance on real-life experiences by a female futsal team, as well as an event wrap up with a reflection on the event. The event is aimed at adults of all ages, genders, religions, social classes and political views.



Lupi Roma Outsport

18th February, Rome

Lupi Roma Outsport will be promoting the first edition of their special Colpi di Tacco football tournament, dedicated to the FvH month of action. The focus is on involving refugees, migrants, and people with different cultural backgrounds in the fight against homophobia. They want to address the issue that refugee and migrant communities often struggle to address LGBT issues, while many LGBTI people in Rome fear that the new cultures of new migrants constitute a homophobic threat. Various Rome-based refugee teams will join the action.

The tournament will be taking place in Rome’s Pigneto district and include at least 15 five-a-side football teams. It will be rounded up with a social dinner and ceremony with speeches by activists of Liberi Nantes and Lupi Roma Outsport. The event will be open to everyone but mainly targets disadvantaged adults between 18 and 40 years of age.





20-21st February, Podgorica

KULSPORT will be organising a football tournament and workshops with around 100 children from two football schools and a primary school in Podgorica. By means of workshops, the young participants will be taught on fighting homophobia and on how to report homo- and transphobic bullying. KULSPORT aim to tackle the issues of homophobic bullying and mindsets that are built in the early development of children in schools, with a special view on bad role models in their environment who shape their opinions negatively.




14th March, Warsaw

CHRZĄSZCZYKI SPORTS CLUB will be organising a football tournament with up to twelve amateur LBTQIA+ teams from Poland, Germany and Ukraine at the Targowek Sports Center indoor hall. The tournament will include ciswomen, transwomen, non binary people, queer people, transmen, disabilited people, refugees and migrants.

Additionally, they will be screening a movie on LGBTQIA+ people in football, debating the movie as well as issues such as LGBTQIA+ visibility improvement, LGBTQIA+ protection from violence and better representation of LGBTQIA+ people, in both football and sports. Two Polish professional athletes Katarzyna Skorupa (volleyball) and Karolina Hamer (paralympic swimmer) are anticipated to be joining the event. CHRZĄSZCZYKI SPORTS CLUB would like to promote the idea of inclusiveness in sport, counter the imperative of competitiveness as its core goal and raise awareness on homophobia and transphobia in football.



Q Sports Romania

21- 23rd February, Bucharest

Q Sports Romania will be hosting an international LGBT+ friendly football tournament in Bucharest, inviting teams from different parts of Romania (Bucharest, Cluj, Brasov) as well as a team from Graz, Austria, while providing a unique opportunity for players to compete in an inclusive environment. Teams will be gender-mixed with at least four participating females being mandatory. Any LGBT+ friendly people are free to attend the event.



LGBT social movement “REVERS”

15th February, Krasnodar

LGBT social movement “REVERS” will be screening a movie about homophobia in football followed by a discussion on LGBT+ rights and the discrimination faced by the LGBT+ community in Russian sports as well as globally. Established athletes as well  as casual sports participants will be sharing their experiences on difficulties they faced in their sporting life.





Cumbernauld Colts Community Football Club

2-28th February, Cumbernaud, Glasgow

Cumbernauld Colts Community Football Club will be offering 30 hours of free education and workshops, focussed on tackling homophobia, to local schools throughout February. They will be combining this educational component with a practical football session. Schools can register their interest via e-mail and the project is aimed at second level classes in the Scottish curriculum.





LEAP Sports Scotland

15th February, Glasgow

LEAP Sports Scotland will be running an LGBTIQ Football Fans Gathering on learning, collaboration and development. The core elements will involve a LGBTIQ football fan training, designed to engage fans in the issues facing LGBTIQ people in football; a discussion on fan group development, sharing successes and failures in a bid to identify best practice; and planning around the future for the LGBTIQ fans movement in Scotland, which has plateaued over the last year while England sees increased mobilisation. While the event enjoys full backing of the Scottish FA, Glasgow Football Tours will be offering a non-alcohol focussed activity in an area of interest for participants.






8-22nd February, Murska Sobota

NOGOMETNI KLUB RAKIČAN will be hosting an event that raises awareness of homophobia in the context of sports, in an attempt contribute to the promotion of the human and civil rights of these groups. The event includes a football tournament for children, held in Murska Sobota; as well as a media campaign and dissemination via established and social media.



Drustvo nogometnih trenerjev Murska Sobota

1st February, Murska Sobota

In January Drustvo nogometnih trenerjev Murska Sobota organised an event that analyses the situation among football coaches who encounter homophobia, with at least 50 coaches from the Murska Sobota region.

Based on the analysis and the collected empirical material, they will be organising an event with around 200 coaches, where the results and findings of the research assessment are presented and the “Football Coaches in Diversity” leaflet is disseminated. Further, the results and findings are also going to be disseminated to all clubs in the region.


Club de Fútbol Popular Orihuela Deportiva

22nd February, Orihuela

Club de Fútbol Popular Orihuela Deportiva will be holding a conference with two LGTBIQ + groups of the Orihuela region. They will be discussing topics such as homo-, bi- &  transphobia in football. The club’s football teams will be attending the event. The conference attendees will attend a FvH-themed game of Club de Fútbol Popular Orihuela Deportiva’s first team.






15th February, Malaga

Diversport will be hosting a seven-a-side football under the theme of inclusion and diversity with around 35 event participants. Additionally, they will be organising a presentation and workshop at a local school with around 100 students, where the situation of LGBTI+ athletes in sport, especially football players, will be addressed. The workshop event also features a theater showcase on homophobia in sport, held in the municipal theater in Malaga. The event is backed by city councils of Torremolinos and Malaga.




Dracs de Barcelona

15th February, Barcelona

To commemorate the International Day against LGBTQI-phobia in sport, Dracs de Barcelona will be organising the second edition of ‘Give a kick to homophobia’, which takes place on Saturday, February 15, from 10:00 to 18:00h, at the Scala Dei football field, in Barcelona. In total, between 80-100 members from the community will be taking part in a tournament in which having a good time is principal, but sending a unified message is even more important. They will involve various marginalised groups within the LGBTQI community, as well as migrants and refugees. In addition to the tournament they will be hosting local performers from the community. The activity is open to all genders, sexualities, ages, and skill levels, whether they would like to play, participate, or simply cheer!





Atletik Dildoa

22-23rd February, Istanbul

Atletik Dildoa have been organizing an event called Queer Olympix over the last three years, where they gather around 250 LGBTI+ individuals and sports people to enjoy three days full of sports activities and workshops, in a safe place in Istanbul.

This year, on the second day of the event, they were banned by the Kadıköy neighbourhood council. The 20 event organisers in Kalamış were informed of the ban by riot control vehicles and riot police, participants were followed and observed. The ban was aimed at suppressing the organisers, physically and psychologically.

Government officials claimed that the event was banned for “protection of public health, public order, and public morality and prevention of crime”, an example of intolerance towards the LGBTI+ community in place, simply wanting to enjoy sports together.

During the last weekend of February Atletik Dildoa will be creating an event, where they will gather queer sports people for an emergency meeting, to create a plan for the future, followed by a football tournament held the day after the meeting. Through this initiative they will create a space for queer and women sports people and discuss further steps and measures to take.



Sicilya Demir Spor

1st February, Istanbul

Sicilya Demir Spor will play a game in Istanbul with Ankara-based LGBT club Sportif Lezbon. Before the game, a Sicilya Demir Spor representative and a representative of the production company Notus Film, will interview the players involved in the initiative and take their photographic portraits. Therefore, the event will leave a photographic legacy in terms of a series of portraits of LGBT players and befriended players, who view football as a tool to promote inclusiveness and fight discrimination.



League of Tolerance

15th February, Ivano-Frankivsk

League of Tolerance will be hosting a FvH football tournament Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine, on the 15th of February (depending on weather conditions) on the outdoor playground of their own social football school. They will involve 80-100 teenagers and young people, youth workers, educators and coaches from different communities of Western Ukraine.

All of the players and supporters receive printed FvH manuals and Oleksandr Fomichov, coordinator of the project and featured within the UEFA #EqualGame campaign, will answer questions on prevention of and counter actions against sexist and homophobic hate speech, especially in a football environment.



The Racecourse Community Foundation

24-28th February, Wrexham

During the week of 24-28th February, The Racecourse Community Foundation will be hosting an educational workshop and a physical football coaching session for a local school, based around homophobia and tackling LGBT discrimination. They aim to deliver a workshop to inform and educate children on the LGBT community and homophobia. Following the workshop, they will be delivering a football coaching session for school children, during their lunch breaks. The activities take place at Wrexham AFC and at a local sports centre near the stadium.