Fundación de las Américas (FUDELA)

14-20th October, Quito

Following up on the development of their research based toolkit for refugee integration, this year Fundación de las Américas (FUDELA) will complement the project through direct interventions, increase its impact and make it more sustainable by means of two interventions. There will be a meeting with local key sports stakeholders (football federations, clubs etc.) to discuss issues around inclusion through sport with a presentation FUDELA’s toolkit model. The second step of the intervention is the translation of the toolkit into English to share FUDELA’s experience with non-Spanish speaking NGOs who wants to organise sport-based activities with refugees as well. The intervention is significant due the Colombian and Venezuelan refugee crises that forced approximately 500,000 and close to a million people respectively to seek refuge in Ecuador, with many of them threatened by exclusion, xenophobia and lack of opportunities. FUDELA hence seeks to bring decision makers together to make way for social cohesion between refugees and local population.