Liga Tolerantnosti

11-13th October, Ivano-Frankivsk

Liga Tolerantnosti will arrange a three-day football event with activities around gender issues. On day one there is a panel discussion with approximately 50 participants and renowned female footballers, namely Anastasiia Romaniuk, FIFA referee; Diana Senyuk, goalkeeper and captain of a children’s team of FC Shakhtar Donetsk; Antonina Khomynets, player of Women FC “Stanislavchanka-DYuSSh #3”; Anastasiia Vasylyshyn, coach in the League of Tolerance and player of the U19 National Rugby Team of Ukraine; Anastasiia Kosman, sport educator and participant of Fare’s Ethnic Minority Women Roundtable, Paris, June 2019. The second day of the event sees two workshops on women in football and gender equality in football. Lastly, the event is rounded off with an introduction and interactive discussion on empowerment of UEFA’s #WePlayStrong campaign as well as a football tournament with mixed-gender, minority and disability teams.