Apply for a 2020 #FootballPeople grant 


The Details

Small grants to drive diversity and inclusion for #FootballPeople

Small grants of up to €500 are available for organisations to apply and organise activities during the #FootballPeople period at local or community level that promote diversity and social inclusion. The Small Grants deadline for this year has now passed, and was on 31st August 2020.

To apply, please read through the grant criteria carefully and see how you can apply.

Event grants help you to organise national or international events

If you want to run a national or international event to tackle discrimination and drive forward debates about social inclusion you can apply now for a #FootballPeople event grant of up to €5000.

Event grants can be used to help organise conferences, panel discussions, roundtable events, festivals and everything in between during the #FootballPeople weeks.

Event grant recipients will be champions of diversity and anti-discrimination and their events will be highlighted as #FootballPeople weeks beacons.

Apart from the financial support, Fare can help grant recipients develop the programme, find international speakers and help to generate publicity.

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