Event grants (up to €5,000)


The #FootballPeople weeks take place 8 – 22 October 2020.

The event grants are to put on conferences, panel discussions, roundtable events, festivals etc, that will become the highlights of the campaign. On top of the financial support, Fare can help you develop the programme, find international speakers and generate publicity for your event.

Organising an event with a national or international scope during the Fare campaign provides a unique opportunity to become part of the #FootballPeople movement; to raise the profile of your organisation and be seen and recognised internationally.

Please note that the grant scheme is only for organisations and activities based in Europe.

What activities can receive funding?

Fare seeks to fund outstanding events or gatherings that address and discuss topics in relation to football and discrimination and/or social inclusion that are relevant in a national context.

There is no prescribed format for the event but proposals must clearly demonstrate that they have a national or international scope in terms of content, the speakers/participants they involve and their foreseen PR activities. Applications that don’t meet these criteria cannot be considered for funding.

Fare encourages applicants to work in cooperation with a wide range of partners to increase the impact and visibility of their event and to raise additional funds to reach a wider audience.

Proposed events should seek to address at least one of these objectives:

  • Make football more inclusive by tackling exclusion and discrimination
  • Increase representation of minorities and/or women in football
  • Explore and discuss football as a tool for social change, empowerment, education or social inclusion
  • Educate about and breakdown stereotypes in football

All applications will be assessed against a set of criteria:

  • How the event seeks to challenge prejudice and exclusion or deepen inclusion of the target group
  • What impact and results of the event can be expected
  • The number of people you expect to reach directly and indirectly
  • The type of partners and stakeholders you have involved
  • Whether the proposal provides value for money e.g. what the grant will be used for. Please note: Fare does not pay for staff costs.

What cannot be funded?

The event grants cannot be used to fund existing events, stand-alone tournaments, one-off awareness-raising activities in stadiums such as team banners, flags etc. and small-scale local or regional interventions. For local activities please apply for a small grant.

Who can apply?

Any European-based group or organisation that has the capacity and expertise to run an event of this kind can apply.

How much can you apply for?

Grants of up to €5,000 are available. Applicants must cover at least 10% through other sources. The grant will not exceed 90% of the overall costs of the event.

All grants recipients will have to sign a formal agreement with Fare. The grant will be paid in two instalments; 50% before the event and 50% after delivery.

If successful you will have to submit a written and financial report.

Please note that the grant scheme is only for organisations and activities based in Europe.

The application period for event grants has now closed.