5er Haus

12 October, Vienna

Cooperating with Fairplay, 5er Haus are organising a ‘Queerplay workshop’ for children and teenagers to address homophobia in football and in society. The children will be able to debate the importance of including others in society and understand the rights of LGBT people.

Arbeitsgemeinschaft Tribüne ohne Rassismus

30 October, Linzer Stadion, Linz

‘Choreography for united diversity’ is the name of FC Blau Weiß Linz fan group Arge-ToR’s activity for the Football People action weeks. The fan group will be displaying various banners at the stadium with messages celebrating diversity. The game will be broadcasted, which will give the activity visibility amongst TV audience.


Austria Fans gegen Rechts

10-19 October, Vienna

In support of the anti-fascist movement in Vienna, members of the Austria Wien FC fan group are spreading stickers around the Ernst-Happel-Stadion and around the city with a message challenging nationalism and extremism. This action will also make it to the stand where they will display a banner with the slogan ‘Austria Fans gegen Rechts’ at a home game. This is a fan-organised activity and all other fans interested in joining the action can do so freely.


Carinthians Spittal/Drau

6-9 October, Spittal/Drau

Austrian women’s second division club are standing up against gender-based violence in football. The club is launching a new campaign that will see it tackling racism and prejudice against women in football.

Named ‘NO TO RACISM | no to misogyny’, the campaign will see various activities take place before the match against SK Sturm Graz. Fans are encouraged to join the activities and attend the match in an effort to see prejudice against women being eradicated.


Cup der guten Hoffnung

7 October, Vienna

The ‘Cup der Guten Hoffnung’ is a follow-up project to the Viennese Homeless Tournament that started in 2013 and this autum is taking place during the Football People action weeks. The one-day event is addressing the exclusion of disadvantaged people in Vienna.

Helping to organise the event is the Wiener Wohnungslosenhilfe (Viennese Aid for the Homeless) who will link up with teams from near by towns in Augustin, Der Gruft, Login and Neunerhaus.

European Gay & Lesbian Sport Federation (EGLSF)

6 October, Vienna

The EGLSF is opening a discussion on lesbian participation in grassroots sports in Europe, club membership and EuroGames/LGBTIQ tournaments. The aim of the event is to find out how to encourage LGBTI-women to participate in (LGBTI-)sport events, and be more active in club management(board and committee positions).

The conference is aimed at Lesbians – which means anyone who identifies themselves as lesbian.


FC Altera Porta

7 October, Vienna

FC Altera Porta and SKV Altenmarkt II are dedicating their match to the Football People action weeks by entering the pitch with a banner reading ‘No place for discrimination’. In addition all three girls and women’s teams will also participate in the campaign ‘I am against discrimination’. The purpose of the initiative is to further the clubs’s commitment to fight against racism and all other forms of discrimination.


FC Sans Papiers Innsbruck

1-20 October, Innsbruck, Tirol

FC Saint Papiers are organising various activities during their home matches on 1 October vs FC Wacker Innsbruck and 20 October vs SV Guntamatic Ried, sending a strong message against racism. The activities will include: showcasing banners reading ‘Football against Racism’ and ‘No Place for Discrimination’; the launching of a media campaign; distribution of informative materials; and, the captains of each team will be wearing branded t-shirts and armbands sending a message for diversity.


FreundInnen der Friedhofstribüne

13 October, Sportclub Platz, Vienna

A community event addressing the role of women in football, is taking place during Wiener Sport-Club’s home match against Rapid Wien II. The event is being organised by the club’s fan group FreundInnen der Friedhofstribüne who have long taken a stance for equality. Banners and informative printed materials that will be displayed and given out at the game to raise awareness of the topics addressed.

Fans who want to support the event can attend the match and join the various activities at the stadium.


GTVS Aspernallee

11 October, Vienna

Primary school GTVS Aspernallee actively works to foster the integration of refugee and disadvantaged children in its community. During the Football People weeks the school is organising an inter-schools tournament that will see the participation of children from other schools in Vienna. It’s free to participate in this event, but new teams need to register.

Innsbrucker Fußballvereine

7 October, Innsbruck

Innsbruck football clubs are joining forces and sending a message against racism. All the clubs in the city are dedicating matches to the Football People movement as fan groups are coming together with banner reading ‘Innsbrucker Fußballvereine gegen Rassismus’ (Innsbruck football clubs against racism). The event is taking place in the city hall where players from FC Wacker Innsbruck, SK Wilten and FC Sans Papier will present the initiative. Also supporting the initiative will be Sportverein Innsbruck, FC Veldidena, SVG Reichenau and Union Innsbruck.

Kicken ohne Grenzen

11 October, Vienna

Kicken ohne Grenzen’ is a project that enables young people who had to flee their homes to take part in regular football training sessions for free.

‘Claim The Pitch Girls Football Event’ will consist of a football match taking place as part of the Football People action weeks to address gender-based violence and inequality in football.

The match is being played between team representing Kicken ohne Grenzen and another team consisting of young refugee women. T-shirts with the slogan ‘Claim The Pitch’ will be distributed to those who attend the event.


NAFA – Integrativer Sportverein

14 October, Vienna

NAFA – Integrativer Sportverein is an institution that provides opportunities for everybody, especially those at risk of exclusion, to share experiences and engage in dialogue through the socio-cultural and sport activities. During the Football People action weeks they will be screening a film at the Afripoint – Hofmühlgasse 2, in the 6th district of Vienna.

The film ‘Afrika 11’ reflects on the challenges refugees and ethnic minorities face in integrating themselves in new communities. Supporting the event is FC Sans Papiers die Bunte in which players and members will share their experiences after watching the film.

Admission to the event is free and there is no registration process.


OFB Frauen Bundesliga

7-8 October, Austria

The clubs in the Austrian Women’s Bundesliga are joining the Football People weeks to gender-based stereotypes during the campaign.

Activities will be held at the following matches: 7 October Union Kleinmünchen vs FC Bergheim, SK Sturm Graz vs FC Südburgenland, SKV Altenmarkt vs USC Landhaus; and 8 October FFC Vorderland vs LUV Graz, SKN St. Pölten Frauen vs SV mantlik kainz Neulengbach.


SKV Altenmarkt Frauen

7 October, Altenmarkt

SKV Altenmarkt Frauen’s home game against USC Landhaus will be at the centre of attention as refugees and asylum seekers will be attending the match. Joining them are former players with similar migrant backgrounds that went on to play vital roles in the community. The event is taking place to facilitate the integration of newly arrived refugees and asylum seekers staying in shelter houses in Weisses Lamm and Eisenbahnerheim, both in the city of Altenmarkt.


Streetwork Wieden

11 October, Vienna

Streetwork Wieden are engaging its members in discussions about nationalism and far right extremist in Austrian football. The debate will also address the Austria and Serbia FIFA 2018 qualifying match, where Streetwork Wieden members will be present to watch the match in Vienna.

Verein für Parksportkultur

7-14 October, Vienna

Cultural community group Park Sport are putting together a series of activities amongst different sports to celebrate diversity.

This is an event that attracts many different people who play many different sports, such as, basketball, volleyball, badminton, ultimate frisbee and many more.

There is no registration required. All the activities take place at Augarten, and they offer activities for everyone every Saturday between May and October.


Österreichische Fußball-Bundesliga

13-28 October, Austria

Austria Bundesliga is dedicating all the matches being played between the 13 and 28 October in the Tipico Bundesliga and Sky Go Erste Liga to the Football People movement.  Activities will be held on matchday 11, 12 and 13 in the Austrain Bundesliga and matchday 14 and 15 in the Erste Liga.

Austrian Bundesliga list of matches

Erste Liga list of matches