A.P.D. Ancona Respect

10 – 18 October, Ancona

During one of football school’s home matches children will enter the pitch to perform an anti-racist choreography.

A post-match gathering will promote social exchanges between the participants and families and will be informative material be distributed.


Afro Napoli United

10 October 2015, Napoli

The club Afro Napoli United is dedicating their match against Virtus Ottaviano to the motto #refugeeswelcome.

ASD Oasi San Feliciana

10 – 18 October, San felice a cancello

For the third consecutive year, ASD Oasi San Feliciana will join the Football People weeks to tackle discrimination and racism through a wide range of activities, such as an inclusion parade, meetings, football tournaments and a gathering event for schools.


Ass. Pol. Dil. Antirazzista Shakur Ancona

9 – 16 October, Ancona

A friendly match between the football team of Shakur and a team of asylum seekers living in Ancona. Football choreographies will be organised at matches.


Associazione ONLUS Gli Amici di Pablo

17 – 18 October, Lugo

During the two days the main square of Lugo will be the stage of activities, including street football matches, for refugees and children on social inclusion and anti-discrimination.

The local library will host an exhibition and readings related to sport/social issues.

Bugs Bologna A.S.D.

10 October 2015, Bologna

A football tournament is being organised in Bologna for refugees living in the city. The initiative is looking to bring together refugees and the local community to build bridges through football for a society free of discrimination.


Cantiere Giovani

17 October, Frattamaggiore, Napoli

The Italian organisation is running football tournament featuring mixed teams of locals and migrant boys and girls.

After the tournament the sport centre, where the tournament will take place, will become the stage for artistic and cultural performances on the themes related to football, diversity and homophobia.


10 – 17 October, San Marzano sul Sarno

Generazioni will bring together ethnic minority communities living in San Marzano sul Sarno to raise awareness of racism.

The city’s main plaza and town hall will be animated by the association’s activities, which will consist of talks and a football tournament with Arci Napoli LGBT football team.

Lega Calcio UISP Torino

08 – 22 October, Torino

Players of UISP football teams and referees at all matches will promote a message against racism. T-shirts and armbands reading anti-racism messages will highlight the initiative’s goal of encouraging a football free of discrimination.

Lokomotiv Zapata – Polisportiva Popolare

10 – 20 October, Genova

A multisport tournament will take place in public areas of the city. The rules will be made by the participants (migrants and young people) highlighting the values of respect and fair-play.

At the end of the event food and music will bring participants together in an exchange of experiences.

Movimento Airola Together

12 – 18 October, Airola

The two main squares of the Italian city of Airola will be animated by a football tournament for school children and an exhibition produced by these.

A debate and a series of games will engage the audience in participating in the event and address the topics of social exclusion. The games will include: re-production of famous Italian songs, the elaboration of a worldwide cooking book and the ensemble of a puzzle reading ‘diversity unites’.

Polisport Nuoro

11 – 22 October, Nuoro, Italy

As in past editions, all the players of Polisport Nuoro aged between 5 and 17 years will be involved in the exhibitions and matches organised by sporting organisation in other to raise awareness of racism and discrimination. A match inside the high surveillance prison of Badu ‘e Carros in Nuoro will also be organised.

San Francesco Dreaming Soccer

9 – 17 October, Arienzo

Following the success of last year’s activities, the football school will organise in 2015 a series of talks on inclusion and anti-discrimination.

Students aged between 9 and 11 years old take part in a football tournament as part of the Fare action weeks.



10 October, Roma

Supporters of the Italian Serie A club Lazio are hosting a football match against a team of refugees.

After the match a debate with former Lazio players, current football stars will be held.

Tiki Taka United

17 October 2015

The recently founded football club from Desio consists of refugees and asylum seekers. The team’s motto, which they are displaying on their jerseys, is: “The only race I know is the human race”.

On 17 October the team is participating in their first tournament against teams consisting of policemen, journalists and politicians. The teams is open to all people interested in playing football and in fighting against exclusion and discrimination. Furthermore the team is supported by the Italian professional club Internazionale Milan.

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9 October, Genova

U.C. SAMPDORIA RUDE BOYS & GIRLS 1987 will organise the ninth edition of the group’s annual anti-racism football tournament, which will include 20 teams of ultra fans, migrants, refugees and local communities,from across Europe.

USD Centro Storico Lebowski

16 October, Florence

Immigrant groups in Florence will be invited to attend the activities organised by the Italian organisation such a social dinner and sporting activities.