ASD Polisportiva Atletico Diritti[:]"]

[:en]12 October, Rome

ASD Polisportiva Atletico Diritti is running a follow up event their Football People 2016 activity. The conference on rights of refugees to participate in sport will have the presence of the Italian Football Federation (FIGC), Amateur League Federation (LND), italian football clubs and the Italian Footballers’ Association (AIC) is taking place in the Italian Houses of Parliament.

The conference will also address the ‘Sign and Pass’ campaign, a collaboration between FC Barcelona Foundation and UNHCR to help people displaced by war and persecution.[:]

ASD Polisportiva Jackie Tonawanda[:]"]

[:en]12 October, Vicenza

‘Vicenza Welcome Refugees Cup’ is a multisport event to help refugees get involved in sport, organised by ASD Polisportiva Jackie Tonawanda. A football tournament, boxing classes and free gym taster sessions are available for refugees to take part in.

Local anti-racism groups Uisp Vicenza, Cooperative Sociali ‘Altrestrade’, Associazione Entropia and ‘Sportantenne’ Project are helping run the activities.[:]

Asi es mi Futbòl[:]"]

[:en]1 October, Capannori

Teams involving migrants, refugees and asylum seekers are taking part in a football tournament against racism and exclusion.

The one-day event will be filled with activities such as: Dj Set music, information stalls, martial arts workshops and other performances.


Balon Mundial Onlus[:]"]

[:en]8 October, Turin

Balon Mundial is an amateur sport association that aims to fight discrimination and racism through sport and create opportunities for refugees, asylum seeker, migrants and other minority groups.

They are playing various matches to celebrate the Football People action weeks, bringing people from different cultures and countries together to play.


Cantiere Giovani[:]"]

[:en]5-19 October, Piazzetta Durante, Frattamaggiore

A series of activities are taking place for the integration of refugees and LGBT+ people in Frattamaggiore.

Caritas Aversa are hosting a football tournament for refugees and locals, and three workshops about diversity, LGBT+ rights and refugees inclusion.

To conclude the activities a social event is taking place.

Registration is required for those interested in taking part in the workshops.



[:en]13-15 October, Campobello di Mazara

Contadinazioni is an organisation that promotes dialogue, fights for the rights and prevent the exploitation of others who may be at risk of such injustices.

To address the issue, they are organising a panel discussion on discrimination of migrants and refugees workers in rural areas and how football can be used as a tool for inclusion.

The event is taking place in the main town square and is aimed at the general public, schools and activists.

To close the event the teams will compete in a football tournament and anyone can join as no formal registration is required.[:]

Federazione Italiana Giuoco Calcio[:]"]



Get Inclusive In the Game (GIIG)[:]"]

[:en]14 October, Cittadella Cielo, Frosinone

GIIG is a project that is set to promote voluntary activities in sport, social inclusion, equal opportunities and to raise awareness of the importance of active participation in physical activities.

A conference entitled ‘Sport for everyone and social inclusion in Europe’ is taking place in Frosinone on the 14 October, where a panel of experts will be sharing ideas and experiences with sport players, people who work in the sport and media representatives.

The aim of the event is to discuss the practices to create inclusive sports, promote fair play, mutual respect and gender equality.[:]

Il Massimo[:]"]

[:en]8 October, Scalabrin (Vicenza)

In the Scalabrin sport fields there will be several football matches involving two under eight and two under-10 girls teams and also a match between the first team of Quadrato Meticcio and the cooperative for refugees ‘Il Sestante’.

This public event, which is open to everyone and will help with the integration of refugees in that region.[:]

La Resistente[:]"]

[:en]13-14 October, Genova

La Resistente is an amateur football team formed of local and refugee players in Genova. Their goal is to create a club that regularly competes in a league to facilitate the integration of newly arrived refugees. To further their goal, they are organising a football tournament, which will serve as platform to bring more players to the team.

The second day of their Football People activity consist of the presentation of the new members of the team.[:]

Nessuno Fuorigioco Onlus[:]"]

[:en]14 October, Turin

Nessuno Fuorigioco works to ensure the social inclusion of people at risk of exclusion. As part of the Football People weeks, they will organise a world-cup-like football tournament where players from across the globe will represent assigned national teams. This is a multicultural event and players participating will be refugees, people of Roma backgrounds, LGBT+ people, ethnic minorities, children and women.

The event is open to all to attend.


Oasi San Feliciana[:]"]

[:en]11-19 October, San Felice a Cancello

Oasi San Feliciana is putting up together a playing event to mark the efforts of the Football People movement to tackle discrimination in football.

The launch event is taking place at the communal sport ground. There will also be a gathering at the Piazza Giovanni XXIII where a street parade sending anti-racism messages will take place. These will be followed by a two-day community tournament for children.[:]

Panna Italia[:]"]

[:en]7 October, Parco Dora, Torino, Italy

Panna Italia are running an event that welcomes children and parents to be active in sport as they plan outdoor activities in recreational parks.

The sports available are street football, parkour, skateboarding and more.


Quadrato Meticcio[:]"]

[:en]8 October, Piazza Caduti della Resistenza, Padova

Football for integration being run by Quadrato Meticcio, will consist of three matches played between the various teams within the club. The squads involved will be girls team, under eight’s, under 10’s and the men’s first team who will play a game against a team of refugees of the NGO Il Sestante.

This is a free event and anyone interested can attend the event.[:]

Rete Outsport[:]"]

[:en]5-19 October, Rome

Outsport Network’ is a project that helps to support members of the LGBT+ community, giving them the platform to have a voice and fight discrimination.

The organisation will showcase a football-themed-choreography performed by a mix of people. The choreography will then be promoted as an initiative that breaks barriers under the slogan “Football has no frontiers”.[:]

RFC Lions Ska Caserta[:]"]

[:en]14-15 October, Caserta

A football social event will celebrate the integration of refugees in Caserta. Participants and special guests, such as, United Glasgow will play football and enjoy social events as well as attend a Casertana FC match, in which the players will the initiative by wearing specially designed t-shirts.

The following day a cultural event at the Villa Giaquinto is taking place to give continuity to the second day of activities.

The event is open for all.



San Francesco Dreaming Soccer[:]"]

[:en]8-15 October, Arienzo

San Francesco Dreaming Soccer are running conferences and sport activities in schools in Arienzo, Cervino and San Felice a Cancello to promote the inclusion of refugees and migrants.[:]

Uisp Unione Italiana Sport Per tutti[:]"]

[:en]7 October, Turin

The football tournament ‘Queering Football’ in Turin being organised by Uisp Unione Italiana Sport Per tutti aims to address issues related to the participation LGBT+ people in football. There will be five teams representing institutions that work with the LGBT+ community. This event is part of a project that involves the creation of training camps for children in Turin.[:]

Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II & Università degli Studi di Napoli L’Orientale[:]"]

[:en]8-18 October, Naples

The two Naples universities are joining forces to put together a conference that addresses the issues around the participation of refugees and asylum seekers in football. Refugees and asylum seeker are often not allowed to play sport with local clubs due to registration procedures. This issue will be addressed with the Italian Football Federation that will have representatives at the conference.

The conference will also cover the role of football as an instrument that links refugees with host communities and that can create opportunities for inclusion, empowerment and work.

This event is targeted at students, refugees and asylum seekers.[:]

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