[:en]17-19th October, Mexico City

Didesex A.C. hold a sports fair where, using football as a tool, students are educated about and made aware of different career paths as well as sexual diversity issues. A theoretical training is carried out and some socio-sports activities are provided, in order to sensitize people regarding the topic, while reducing homophobia and transphobia.


Zorros LGBT[:]"]

[:en]12th October, Mexico City

Zorros LGBT will organise a soccer tournament and sexuality fair as an action activity for inclusion of LGBT people in football, with special focus on the transgender community. Local teams of trans- women and trans- men will participate in the tournament. It is the first time that a tournament specially dedicated to the visibility of the trans community is held in Mexico. Information services on sexually transmitted infections (STIs) as well as free HIV tests, condoms and lubricants are provided to participants. The event is held at the home ground of the LGBT football league of Mexico City (Azcapotzalco), and will bring together around 150 people.




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