7 October, Aleksandrow Kujawski

ASPN Viking will host a football tournament for elementary school children, both boys and girls, to play in mixed teams, while promoting diversity and equality.

During the tournament, anti-racism material will be distributed and each participant child will receive a medal with the anti-racism slogan.

Fiero Zawisza Rzgów

1-31 October, Various towns in Poland

Fiero Zawisza Rzgów, women’s football team who compete in the Women’s third division in Poland, will be touring with a huge banner to send a message for diversity and equality for women in football.

The banner will be shown at all the games they will play during October 2017. The dates are: 8 (away vs Kaja Opoczno), 22 (away vs Kolejarz Łódź) and 29 (home vs Piotrcovia Piotrków Trybunalski).

Fundacja Afryka Connect (Africa Connect Foundation)

13 October, Somali Foundation, Warsaw

The Polish based NGO Africa Connect Foundation, will organise a roundtable discussion on discrimination, racism and sexism, and its impact on women from ethnic and religious minority groups.

The roundtable discussion session will provide a platform to explore new approaches to deal with discrimination and hate crime, to better protect and empower women from ethnic and religious minority groups, identify good practices, build alliances and strategies and finally create recommendations.

This event will bring together experts, academics, civil society organisations, representatives from equality bodies, EU institutions, and representatives from the government, minority communities, religious communities and the general public.

The event is free of charge, and prior registration will not be necessary.


Fundacja dla Wolności (Foundation for Freedom)

8 October, Warsaw

The community group, who are also the organisers of Etnoliga, are organising a football match with football club AKS Zly. The event will further promote diversity and the inclusion of refugees and ethnic minority groups in Warsaw.

The event will see the involvement of Refugee kids, with various sport activities being organised, including a fan choreography.

The event is free to attend and members of the local communities are invited join the action.


Fundacja Generatornia

11-12 October, Wroclaw

The Foundation will organise a social event for children aged 6 to 13 years old, where they kids will produce banners and posters with messages for diversity and inclusion. The football match featuring mixed teams, will be followed by a picnic to promote interaction and discussion about the rights of ethnic minorities, with the kids and parents. The event is taking place in an area that has a significant amount of Roma people.

Integracyjne Stowarzyszenie Kultury Fizycznej DAJ SZANSĘ

22 October, Warsaw

Association ‘Give a Chance’ is organising a tournament entitled ‘Kick racism out of stadiums’ that will see children from Warsaw and other cities coming together to play.

Attending the event will be former Legia Warsaw coach Jacek Magiera and former Legia Warsaw and Polish national player Maciej Szczęsny who will interact with the children.

Klub Sportowy Akademia Pilkarska Diamonds Academy

14 October, Warsaw

The club offers playing opportunities for young girls who want to play football, be part of a team and kick start their playing careers.

Diamonds academy are organising an event that will involve the players along with parents, to promote dialogue, and in addition will hold workshops to give parents incentive to motivate their kids to get involved and participate in football.

The event is open to all Diamonds Academy players and Parents, and also any other girls who want to start their football adventure.

Klub Sportowy KONTRA

8-11 October, Lodz

The third edition of the anti-discrimination football tournament ‘No To Racism’ will take place on the 8 October. It aims to further integration and promote a proactive approach for minority groups to be involved in sport. The event will target ethnic minority groups, girls and women, LGBT+ and people with disability.

Participants will be international students from the University of Lodz as well as locals.


Partyzant Kraków

7 October, Krakow

Partyzant Krakow are organising a fun-filled football event with tournament and picnic for all, including men and women, refugees, migrants and asylum seekers, LGBT+ people and ethnic minority groups. The football games will be followed by social event with live music, food (multi-cultural cuisine) and drinks.

The event will be supported by Tygodnik Powszechny local newspaper, Wirtualna Polska internet media, Kampania Przeciw Homofobii organisation and the Jewish Community Centre in Krakow

The teams that wish to participate must register, however no registration need for spectators.

Podlaska Wojewodzka Komenda Ochotniczych Hufcow Pracy

5-6 October, Kolno

The non-formal educational organisation will organise a two-day event on disability and women’s empowerment in football.

The event is taking place in VitaFamiliae Foundation in Kolno on 5 October and at the Culture and Sports Centre in Kolno on the 6 October.

The event will consist of football training sessions, workshops, social activities, performances and football matches. Local coaches will volunteer to run the event as well as football players, who will also attend the workshops and the matches.

She plays

8 October, Football Planet, Warsaw

The event will serve as the launch of the start of the new season of the Women’s Football League that was inaugurated in 2016, in Warsaw. There will be an opening ceremony, after which, the teams will play their matchday one fixtures.

Representatives of the ‘NEVER AGAIN’ Association will be invited to open the event, and all the supporters of the teams are also invited to join the event.


Stowarzyszenie GTW

6-14 October, Artistic Station Rynek, Gliwice
Stowarzyszenie GTW is an organisation that helps with the development of cultural, social and sport programs in Gliwice. This year’s Football People action weeks will feature an exhibition and football tournament embracing for diversity.

The exhibition will be held at the Artistic Station Rynek, on 6 October, followed by a football tournament, a street football event, on 14 October. The exhibition will provide insight on the Upper-Silesians in Polish and German national football teams.

Both events are free for the general public.

Stowarzyszenie Mlodziezi Ormianskiej

14 October, Warsaw

The group will organise a workshop to address the integration of refugees, in the morning, followed by a football tournament, in the evening, where the teams will be mixed with refugees and Polish students.

Integrating refugees is a task being taken up by the Association of Young Armenians in Poland, at a time that there has been a lot of displacement of people in Europe. There are many refugees in Poland from various countries including Ukraine, Syria, Armenia, Georgia and others.


Stowarzyszenie na rzecz osób LGBT Tolerado

21 October, Gdańsk
LGBT+ group Tolerado will organise an event to encourage the participation of LGBT+ people, women and Roma people.

Teams are of six players will each be invited to take part in this important event in Gdansk, where the locals still have prejudice against LGBT+ people.
Gdansk Foundation of Charity and Gdansk Sport Center provide volunteers and the venue for the tournament.

Streetworking Lodz

16-19 October, Lodz

A solidarity event to help integrate children in disadvantaged conditions will be organised by Streetworking Association. The event is a football tournament that aims to bring joy to street kids, and those at risk, and excluded from society.

This initiative will create chances to further promote the integration of the kids.