AG Tatort Stadion Wien

26 September – 12 October, Vienna

In the build-up to the Action Weeks, AG Tatort Stadion, a co-operation of various fan groups, will bring the exhibition “Tatort Stadion II” to Vienna. The fan groups include the Viennese football clubs First Vienna FC, Wiener Sport club, FK Austria Wien and SK Rapid Wien, and pro supporters –a fans organisation led by FairPlay-VIDC. The “Tatort Stadion II” exhibition displays and explains various forms of discrimination and how they appear in football. In the framework of the exhibition, a first anti-racist network meeting for Austrian fans will take place.

The exhibition and meeting will bring together anti-racist fans from all over Austria, reaching out to the younger supporters of the Viennese clubs, whilst raising awareness on the issues around racism, sexism, fascism, homophobia and violence.

There will also be a series of workshops and panel discussions on racism, sexism and homophobia.

Antifa Döbling

25 October, Vienna

Antifa Döbling, the fan initiative of the second league club First Vienna FC will produce a flyer on homophobia in football that will be distributed together with stickers at the match of their club against SKN St. Pölten. They are planning to do a joint choreography with the guest fan club Wolfbrigade 04.

A representative of the fan initiative will be part of the final panel discussion of Tatort Stadion on “Football Fans against Homophobia” on 11 October.

Austrian Bundesleague

18 – 20 October, Austria

In cooperation with ‘FairPlay. Different Colours. One Game’  campaign the Austrian Bundesliga dedicates this weekend to the campaign ‘challenging stereotypes and discrimination’. It will use the slogan “No Place for Discrimination” at all the matches of the two top leagues.

The team captains will wear “Respect – No to Racism” armbands and will read statements against racist, sexist and homophobic stereotypes in football. The line-up kids will present campaign banners before kick-off. In the stadia campaign posters will be distributed.

Austrian Football Association

31 October,  3 November and  14 November

The Austrian FA is a strong supporter of the Fare Action Weeks and will this year engage all in activities throughtout the country. All Austrian amateur clubs will receive an anti-racism poster produced by FairPlay, whereas the regional FAs will receive a campaign pack to perform anti-racism presentations at youth matches.

In cooperation with the Fare partner organisation FairPlay-VIDC, The Austrian FA will have anti-racism presentations at both the World Cup qualifier of the Austrian women national team on 31 October against France and at the men’s U21 match against Turkey on 14 November.

For the first time all matches of the Austrian Women Bundesliga are dedicated to the Fare Action Weeks. The team will present the FairPlay campaign banners “No Place for Discrimination” and will distribute the new Fare poster.

Faninititiative Innsbruck

26 October, Innsbruck

The Faninitiative Innsbruck will have a series of events to celebrate the Action Weeks. The fan group, in cooperation with the Austrian Bundesliga club Wacker Innsbruck, will produce a publication addressing topics such as racism and discrimination. Flyers will be distributed during both the clubs’s women’s and men’s matches, and a stall with additional informational material will be set up at the club’s Bundesliga game.

A seminar will be held at the pedagogic institute at the university of Innsbruck.


The fan group Friedhofstribune will host anti-racism initiatives.

Fussballfans gegen Homophobie e.V.

11 – 12 October

The fans initiative will hold a two days conference in Vienna , during which the themes of racism, sexism and homophobia are being explored. Fan groups from Austria and Switzerland will discuss the topics and develop good practice to tackleall forms of discrimination.

The programme for the conference can be downloaded here.

GTVS Aspernallee School

17 October, Vienna

GTVS Aspernallee School is holding a soccer tournament with teams of girls and boys from migrant backgrounds as part of the Fare Action Weeks. The aim of the tournament is to celebrate football as a connecting game.

It is expected that eighty people will attend the event, including teams from six schools.

Hearts 4 Children

13 October, Vienna

As part of the Football People Action Weeks, Hearts for Children are hosting a charity football tournament on 13th October for the Austrian NGO DEBRA, which supports children that suffer from Epidermolysis Bullosa. Among the participants will be former professional players and local politicians.
Apart from raising awareness of the disease and raising money, the event also will also spread the message against discrimination.

IDEE - Integrieren, Diskutieren, Emanzipieren, Engagieren

19 October, Vienna

IDEE is dedicating their league match on 19th October to challenging discrimination. The team is highly ethnic with players from Serbia, Bulgaria, Afghanistan, Somalia and Austria. The team is going to show ‘red cards to racism’ and wear jerseys with an anti-discrimination message on the day.

The team’s fans will also be joining in the initiative by wearing T-shirts that read ‘Love IDEE – Hate racism’.

Kärntner Fussballverband

18-27 October

Kärntner Fussballverband, the regional FA started the campaign “Kärntner Fussball gegen Rassismus” (‘Carinthian Football Against Racism’) after several racist incidences happened as a pro-active reaction. In cooperation with the FARE partner organisation FairPlay, twelve such banners were produced, and are on tour since mid of September through the Carinthian amateur leagues.

The home clubs are presenting the banners before line-up and are handing them over to the away teams that are performing the same action at their following home match. Updated informations with the participation clubs and first photos are available here .


27 October, Vienna

The women football club, MFFV ASKÖ 23, will present an anti-racism banner at the home match against Wiener Sportklub Frauen and will display information materials. In addition, seat cushions with the Fare logo will be produced. The club wants to raise awareness against racism and sexism in football. 

New African Football Academy (NAFA)

20 October, Vienna

During this year’s Action Weeks, NAFA,  will distribute anti-racism materials at the home game of the migrant amateur club against HSV Vienna as well as display ‘football against racism’. The players of the ethnic minority and migrant team will warm up in anti-racism shirts.

PAC Wien

18 October, Vienna

The amateur club will get Fare t-shirts for their home match against DSG Wien United 2012.

Projekt SIQ! - International All-stars League Graz

26 October, Graz

Project SIQ! -The International Allstar League Graz (IALG) is a junior street soccer league played with 2 age-groups (under 18 and under 13) with about 20 teams all over Graz. There are underprivileged groups like refugees, kids from social disadvantaged areas but additional also school teams from private schools, self organised teams from kids etc.

For the Fare action weeks they are planning an activity with all 6 teams from the under 13-teams: 3-4 players from each team will be invited to a workshop in the morning workshop will be held by two FairPlay- workshop leaders. After the workshop the participants will be invited by SK Sturm Graz to the first league match against Admira Wacker. A “walk on the pitch” with IALG-players and the players of Sturm Graz and Admira Wacker is planned.

Tivoli Nord Innsbruck

26 October, Innsbruck

Tivoli Nord Innsbruck will distribute informative flyers about discrimination to the fans of FC Wacker Innsbruck, who will attend the Bundesliga match on 26th October.

The organisation will also use the opportunity to raise awareness for its project ‘’Football for Development’’, that focuses on the needs of the people in the region of Keta, Ghana.

They will sell the charity-CD “Die zweite Halbzeit für Ghana” for a special price (Euro 2) in order to collect money for the association “Keta-Tirol Dialogue”. The CD is already produced but new propaganda materials such as posters, flyers, stickers will be produced to promote the CD in the best way.

SC Süssenbrunn Football Club

12 – 25 October, Vienna

SC Süssenbrunn is  organising anti-racism and nationalism activities at their matches against JSC Wien Dobona. T-shirts with anti-racism messages, flyers, brochures will be distributed, and anti-discrimination banners will be hung at the stadiums throughout the matches.

Union Vienna Türkgücü SKV

20 October, Vienna

Union Vienna Türkgücü SKV, The Turkish community football club will organise an anti-racism day. The players will present banners and will show racism the red card.

Vienna Wanderers

1 October, Vienna

Vienna Wanderers, a fan group of First Vienna FC, is organising a side event named “Viennese Football Clubs under the Svastika”, in the framework of the Tatort Stadion Exhibition.

The event will explore the role of the Viennese football clubs during the time of the National Socialism.

The fan group is developing a fanzine working along historians David Forster from Austria Wien, Alexander Juraske from First Vienna FK, Georg Spitaler from SK Rapid Wien and Barbara Boltz from the Jewish Club Hakaoh Wien.

Wiener Sportklub

In conjunction with the exhibition Tatort Stadion in Vienna, Fans of Wiener Sportclub fundraised for people currently living in a refugee protest camp. The group raised 800€  which will be used to invite 20 asylum seekers and activists to the game on 25th October in the Austrian 3rd League.

There will be a banner and sticker saying “nobody is illegal”.

Wolfbrigade 04

18 October,  St. Pölten 

The fan club Wolfbrigade 04 from the second league club SKN St. Pölten will organise a special anti-racism choreography. They will present double-pole flags with the images of famous idols in the fight against racism. In addition, they will create a banner with an anti-racism slogan and will produce t-shirts having “SKN Fans gegen Rassismus” printed on them.

The fans’ activities will be held while the team and the players of SKN St. Pölten  hold the “No Place for Discrimination” action organised by FairPlay and the Austrian Bundesliga.

Also there will be a joint choreography and side activities of fans from Vienna and St. Pölten at the game First Vienna FC – SKN St. Pölten on Friday 25th October.


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