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BAAP Trebinje

19 – 26 October

BAAP Trebinje will celebrate the Football People action weeks with football games in three different cities including Sarajevo, Trebinje and Mostar.

The activities will challenge religious discrimination in Bosnia at FK Leotar v FK Slavija, FK Velež v NK Vitez and FK Željeznicarv FK Velež.

Association Orchid Stolac

25 – 28 October

The Association Orchid Stolac will involve sports clubs and schools from Stolac, in a match for girls and boys of different ethnic backgrounds, to celebrate diversity and challenge discrimination.

The association will also run a workshop for children to celebrate football as a game for all.

Football school 'NO LIMIT', Stolac

25 – 28 October

The football school “NO LIMIT” in Stolac is organising a football tournament for boys and girls aged between 12-14 years.

The tournament explicitly invites children with an ethnic minority background giving every child the opportunity to be part of the football competition.

Informal Youth Group Zenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina

21-27 October

In cooperation with the Serbian organisation VOS, the youth organisation is gathering together youngsters from Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina to work together as part of an intercultural exchange that will also include a futsal tournament.

The meeting will public lecture on anti-discrimination and a theatre play.

ZAJEDNO/Youth Initiative for Human Rights

24 – 25 October
ZAJEDNO/Youth Initiative For Human Rights will be celebrating the Action Weeks by organising a football tournament involving activists from different cities and ethnicities of Bosnia (Sarajevo, Mostar, Pale or Banja Luka) and football fans.

The links between antiracist activists and football fans will be strengthened and future co-operation is envisaged.


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