Bulgaria Association Gay Sports

26 October

The Bulgarian Association of Gay Sports is hosting a football tournament against homophobia in Sofia on the 26th of October as part of the Fare Action Weeks. This event is open to non-gay players and teams.

Children's Alliance for Development

15 – 29 October

The Children’s Alliance for Development in partnership with The Hristo Smirnenski Secondary school will organise lectures, working groups and focus groups in a bid to raise awareness of social exclusion and the existing Bulgarian legislation to combat discrimination, as well as to promote the benefits of diversity.

This project looks into developing effective means of promoting sport at local level by engaging young people, who represent local minorities, in a local sport forum, where they will have the chance to discuss and tackle problems regarding sporting opportunities and values.

Evroalternativi 21

18 – 20 October

Organisation Evroalternativi 21 and “UNION of NGO BABYLON” from Negotino in Macedonia will run a three days workshop in Dorjan.

The workshops will engage the young people from Negotino,Sveti Nikole and Kumanovao, and will focus on promoting tolerance, understanding differences, developing sports education and creative activities against racism and discrimination.


24 October

To kick-start the Action Weeks, NGO Footura is hosting a seminar on discrimination with participants from their local junior club. Working together with other organisations and teams, Footura promotes the ideals of anti-discrimination and social inclusion through football.

Not only will this event produce anti-discrimination material, but it will also provide the groundwork for a racism and football project.

Hope Association

23 October

The Bulgarian NGO Hope Association is organising the first “Children’s European Champions League FARE 2013”on 23rd of October, in Badema district, in the town of Haskovo.

Eight mixed teams with pupils from different ethnic, religious and social backgrounds and children from orphanages, immigrant communities and kids with disabilities will be invited to enjoy a day of fun. 

Informal Youth Group Sofia

21-27 October

In cooperation with the Voluntary organisation Svilajnac (VOS), the Bulgarian organisation will host a football tournament with participants from four countries to take a clear stand against discrimination.

There will be activities throughout the week, such as lectures, debates, workshops and theatre sessions. Renowned sports women, active footballers, the representatives of local government and media will be invited to attend.

The association will also organise a futsal football tournament to be played by the guests of the four countries.

Union of Bulgarian Journalists

15 – 29 October 2013

The Section of Sport Journalists of the Union of Bulgarian Journalists (SSJ), a group of 56 media people, are organising a media encounter on discrimination where they will discuss different topics including combating different kinds of discrimination in football and the lack of the media addressing the problem.

The intervention will look into opportunities for the media to promote and help protect the fundamental rights of LGBT people and Roma, mainly in Bulgaria and across the EU.

In co-operation with EGLSF, the group will also are also exhibit ‘Against the Rules – Lesbian and Gays in Sport’, to help bridge the gap and change the relationship between mass media and society through media production. 


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