Organisation for the Promotion of European Issues (OPEI) Cyprus

15 – 29 October

Cypriots and immigrants will be invited to a football game at the Municipal Gardens in the city centre of Paphos, which will be preceded by social activities such as open discussions on racism.

In the second week, OPEI, partnering with ELEKTRA cultural centre and the football club Anagennisi-Elpida, will distribute material against racism in local football stadiums, as the group seeks to promote the active engagement of minorities in local activities and social events.

Tsada Cultural and Folklore Club

15 – 26 October

Tsada Cultural and Folklore Club will initiate a campaign against racism at their local football club. In a workshop, the initiative will bring together local Cypriots and immigrants to exchange experiences on racism and issues on equality. Also participating in the discussions are representatives from different local football clubs. They endeavour to promote social inclusion of immigrants living in the area of Paphos using football as a means for solidarity.

The activities will also see local fans receive information material on football against racism at the local stadium.


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