Liikkukaa – Sports for all ry

19-29 October

The not for profit organisation Liikkukaa ry is running a football tournament and a seminar and a workshop on football and racism for Nordic and Baltic organisations.

The football tournament will bring together six multicultural teams to play each other and promote fair play and inclusion. At half-time there will also be a friendly match between the teams of Liikkukaa All Stars and HJK All Stars.The top three teams will be awarded at the seminar and workshop event on 29 October.

Both events aim to share experiences, present good practices and build a network of organisations committed to tackle discrimination football and in the wider society.

Atlantis Football Club

19 October

Atlantis FC, an ethnic minority group, is organising a friendly tournament which will see academy players of Atlantis FC play together with a team of immigrants from different teams in Helsinki.

This is to encourage and help ethnic minorities and migrants to join Finnish football clubs.

Finnish Football League Veikkausliiga

26 October

The Finnish Veikkausliiga will be supporting the Football People weeks through two anti-discrimination matches that will take place on 26 October, between FC Inter and Honk and FC Lahti and TPS.

Griot Media

17 – 19 September

Griot Media will facilitate a minority community activity that involves social football games and cultural displays.

The games are in the categories of children, women and seniors with participants from diverse immigrant communities in Helsinki and their Finnish counterparts.

Helsinki Diplomat Society (HDS)

15 October

HDS is bringing together a football team including diplomats, foreign workers and refugees, to play against the Parliament team consisting of Members of Parliament from all political parties in Finland.

The event will provide opportunities for lobbying and networking against prejudice and racism in Finland.

Mondial Stars Ry

25 October

In an attempt to improve the relationships between immigrant players and refugees, the football Club Mondial Stars Ry will invite a representative of the Finnish Football Federation and referee on 25 October to discuss the issue.

They are partnering with Liikkukaa org and HDS (Helsinki Diplomat Sports) for this event, which is being attended by club members and their families.

Tampere Africans’ Sports (TAS) ry

26 October

In Tampere, the action weeks will be marked by a tournament involving two adult teams and two under 17 teams. The teams are made up of players from local asylum-seeker centres in the Pirkanmaan region.

Tampere Africans’ Sports (TAS) ry, is collaborating with the City of Tampere, FIMU ry, RASMUS and the Finnish Refugee Council. The message of the tournament is to stand strong against racism, especially racism targeted at asylum seekers in their region.

The Finnish Multicultural Sports Federation

26 October

The Finnish Multicultural Sports Federation (Fimu) and the Players Union have launched an educational tour in the refugees’ centres, where they will address the anti-racism message using football as a tool and include the participation of many famous league players.


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