ACS Musicalmente

17 – 18 October

The organisation Musicalmente is running a football tournament, “Un calcio alla diversità” (“A kick to diversity”). A meeting will be held just before the tournament commences involving representatives from the Ministry for Integration.

In addition, a short film on the fight against racism will be shown to alert young people to this subject. Participants are youth from reception centres in Rome. The event will provide a platform for integration for the participants and also enlighten them about the dangers of racism in football.

A.S.D Assata Shakur

26 October

ASD Assata Shakur in collaboration with the city of Ancona, Uisp Ancona, Sosteniamolancona and Ancona Respect are staging a fan choreography at the match Assata Shakur’s vs. F.C. Osimo of the local III division.

Throughout the week the players and families of the Assata Shakur’s football schools will receive informational materials about the Fare Network and the action weeks. 

A.S.D. Balon Mundial Onlus

20 – 29 October

A.S.D. Balon Mundial Onlus will host football tournament centred on fighting discrimination and racism.

The participants will create the rules for the tournament and the players themselves, will make decisions on technical and fair play rules, all of which will be discussed before and after every match.

Asylum seeker and refugees, disabled, migrants, youth volunteers and youth organizations are taking part in the activities.

In addition, the group will be organising a photographic exhibition in Turin named “Fair play and respect”. The exhibition will chose and showcase the best pictures taken during the 2013 Balon Mondial.

A.S.D. La Tana del Folletto

17 – 24 October

The Action Weeks will be marked with a “Futsal Tournament delle Culture”, at Centro Sportivo Strada Comunale Santa Maria di Bagnolo.

A.S.D. La Tana del Folletto will  also hosting an ethnic dinner against racism and fascism, geared towards a reinforced culture of consultation and dialogue to the local communities of Senegal, Morocco, Tunisia, Albania, Romania and  Poland. They are partnering with UISP Sportpertutti.

A.S.D. Lodeno

19 – 27 October

To show their support against racism, A.S.D. Lodeno Football Club will be adding the Fare to their jerseys during the 2013/14 football season.

They will also organise friendly football matches versus teams constituted of migrants. At the end of first half of all matches, players of both teams will mix to show that the game is for everyone regardless of ethnicity or race.

In addition, they are releasing promotional T-shirts for the matches reading “We have a dream… we fight for it”.

A.S.D. Oasi San Feliciana

18 – 20 October
The football academy will organise a series of activities to raise awareness about racism gathering together children and adults.

The activities include a conference on integration, an exhibition on discrimination, story telling of positive actions and racist incidents and a football tournament with players from different ethnicities.

A.S.D. Polisportiva Jackie Tonawanda

23 October

Before the matches, A.S.D. Polisportiva Jackie Tonawanda FC  will organise a debate focusing on homophobia in football.

During the match the fans will organise a choreography displaying a banner against all forms of discriminations as part of the Action Weeks.

Associazione Centro Iniziative Giovani

15 – 29 October

Associazione Centro Iniziative Giovani will be creating workshops based on the knowledge of the articles of the Italian Constitution that attribute to sport, particularly those related to resistance and racial discrimination. Sport is not normally directly regulated by the Constitution, however in some articles it is recognised indirectly.

The workshops will cover different Articles of the Constitution including Articles 18, 25 and 32. Events will see hundreds of young footballers in the province of Ascoli Piceno participating.

Bugs Bologna A.S.D.

26 October

Bugs Bologna A.S.D will be putting together a futsal tournament in Bologna.
About ten teams, with a mixture of gay and straight players will be participating in the event.

The aim of the event is to fight the prejudice against gay people through football/ futsal by presenting both gay and straight teams playing together.

Esquilino FC

24 – 26 October
Esquilino FC in collaboration with several organisations based in Rome will be hosting a series of activities to promote the integration of the Roma people and migrant communities.

Among the activities are the presentation of the books “Le mete dell’allenatore”, “Molto piu di un gioco, il calcio contro l’apartheid” (about football and its link with challenging the apartheid) and “Tommy Smith, John Carlos…e Peter Forman”; an open sporting day to showcase diversity and for children to try different sports such as football, rugby, cricket, basketball and capoeira; and a 7-a-side football tournament for children and adults. 

Genoa fans (GAV)

Further information and date will be  disclosed soon.

Gioventù in Fiore

27 October

The Action Weeks will be celebrated with a soccer tournament involving three teams of five youths from Europe, China and Africa.  Gioventù in Fiore will also launching a poster campaign “STOP RACISM, PLAY EQUALITY”, which will be distributed to participants, schools and voluntary organisations in the region of San Giovanni in Fiore.

The tournament will provide an opportunity for young players of different ethnicities to play together and integrate into the society. It will also raise awareness in the younger generation, the fight against racism in sport.

La Resistente

10 September – 30 May 2014

La Resistente is a group of anti-racist and antifascist boys that play football every Tuesday with political refugee boys at Sampierd’ arena.

Since the political refugees move every three months from the Auxilium of Genova to other cities, the football club will continue the project until next year to integrate as many refugees and asylum seekers as possible.

Apart from the football sessions, they also meet with educators from the refugee community regularly.

Lokomotiv Zapata - Polisportiva Popolare

15 – 29 October

The football club will be hosting several football, volleyball and basketball matches, in which anti-racism messages will be shared with the public.

There will be a large banner with the message “Love sport, hate racism” and distribution of flyers with anti-racism information.

There will additional actions in schools, such as lectures and preparation of anti-racist posters, slogan and banner. There will be also a travelling exhibition named “Against the rules – gays and lesbians in sports”, which will open with a presentation followed by a debate. The final event, from the 18th until the 26th of October, is the “Red card to racism” football tournament.

Lions Ska Caserta

15 October


Polisportivo Assata Shakur

26 – 27 October

The anti-racist group Polisportivo Assata Shakur is staging a series of initiatives in celebration of the Action Weeks. Activities include displays of anti-racist banners and fan choreographies during the matches of Assata vs. Konlassata and Ancona vs Conero Respect Dribbling on 26th and 27th October.

Polisport Nuoro

26 – 30 October

Polisport Nuoro in collaboration with the FIGC Youth Sector, Regional Committee of Sardegna, FIGC Sardegna – Amature League, Coni Sardegna, the Italian Coaches Association, the municipality of Nuoro and the Italian Referees Association Sardegna will organise a series of events against discrimination.

On 26th October the organisation is holding a  8-a-side tournament under the slogan ‘Let’s kick racism’. The event will count with the participation of the UEFA B training referees, managers and coaches of Polisport Nuoro and a team composed of players from different nationalities. A banner reading ‘lets kick racism out of football’ will be on display and informative resources about Fare will be distributed.

The tournament will be followed by a debate about Racism and Sport.

Between 26th and 30th October several friendly matches will be held between youth teams that will wear jerseys reading the initiative’s slogan.

UC Sampdoria Rude Boys & Girls 1987

12 October

Fans Organisation U.C. Sampdoria Rude Boys & Girls 1987 will celebrate the Action Weeks by hosting their annual anti-racist football tournament “Ama la Samp, odia il razzismo” in collaboration with UISP Genova.

The teams of San Fruttuoso ‘87, Dinamo Daspo Sampdoria, Ragazzi del ‘61, Marinai nei Guai, Valsecca, Maghreb Sampdoria, Ilhas Cabo Verde, Palati Fini Savona, Savona, Antifa Bergamo, KVB Bari and Comando Ultra 84 Marseille are expected to join the 7-a-side tournament.

UC Sampdoria

Invited by the fan group UC Sampdoria Rude Boys & Girls 1987, UC Sampdoria joined the 2013 Football People weeks to tackle racism in football.

The players of the Serie A club wore anti-racism jerseys reading ‘Stop racism’.

UISP Caserta

15 October
UISP Caserta will be creating a football event in Avellino to sensitise the public on the very hard situation of refugees in Campania where they face very low and unacceptable structures of recovering and few possibilities for them to socialise.

Teams taking part include RFC Caserta – the winner of the Mondiali Antirazzisti Cup 2013.

The aim is to give visibility to the difficulty of the refugees in Campania. Other participants are refugees and asylum seekers.


25 – 27 October

UISP will organise anti-discrimination football tournament in the neighbourhood of Pietralata, Rome. 

US Acli Comitato Provincale

18 – 25 October

US Acli Comitato Provincale will be creating a side event dedicated exclusively to football as part of the project “An afternoon of free play”. Natives and Italian immigrants freely enjoy, integrate, and play through the game of football.

The event increases opportunities for the integration of young immigrants, using the potential of the game which is universal and is able to overcome any barrier represented by different languages. The event will involve participant players residing in Acquaviva and the surrounding areas.


ASD Assata Shakur

26 ottobre 

L’ASD Assata Shakur in collaborazione con il comune di Ancona, la Uisp Ancona, le associazioni Sosteniamolancona e Ancona Respect, organizzerà in occasione della partita 6 campionato di III categoria Assata Shakur – F.C. Osimo una coreografia sugli spalti, mentre le squadre entreranno in campo con uno striscione contro il razzismo.

Durante tutta la settimana verrà distribuito materiale informativo della rete Fare ai ragazzi e le rispettive famiglie che giocano nelle scuole calcio dell’Assata Shakur.

ASD Lodeno Calcio

19 ottobre 

L’ASD Lodeno Calcio in collaborazione con le scuole calcio di bambini e le comunità di migranti presenti sul territorio di Roma Est organizzerà una giornata contro le discriminazioni presso il Campo Sportivo della Lodeno Calcio.

Verrà distribuito del materiale informativo realizzato per l’evento alle persone che assisteranno ad una serie di mini incontri di calcio amichevoli tra la Lodeno e le comunità di immigrati presenti nel territorio di Roma Est, le squadre saranno di adulti e di bambini.

Durante l’intervallo le squadre si scambieranno i giocatori, formando delle squadre miste con quelli della squadra avversaria. Al termine della giornata di sport verrà offerto un rinfresco generale per fare festa tutti insieme.

ASD Oasi San Feliciana

18-27 ottobre

L’ASD Oasi San Feliciana in collaborazione con Real San Felice, Parrocchia San Felice M., Dea Diana Cervino, Real Suessola organizzerà una serie di eventi di sensibilizzazione sul tema della lotta contro il razzismo iniziando con un incontro presso scuola calcio con bambini e genitori, il 19 organizzerà delle attività nel pre-partita della gara della prima squadra, il Real San Felice e terminerà il 20 con una manifestazione in Piazza Giovanni XXIII dove verrà distribuito il materiale.

L’ASD Oasi San Feliciana in collaborazione con Real San Felice, Parrocchia San Felice M., Dea Diana Cervino, Real Suessola organizzerà il 25 un convegno sul tema dell’integrazione presso i locali parrocchia; il giorno dopo ci sarà un triangolare multicolor con Dea Diana e Real Suessola. Il 27 verrà organizzata una festa finale ed un incontro con le diverse comunità locali.

Esquilino FC

25-26 ottobre 

L’Esquilino FC in collaborazione con Uisp-Comitato di Roma, Asd La polveriera, Asd Ecuador Amazonico, Associazione Genitori Di Donato, Associazione Esquilino Basketball, Associazione Piazza Vittorio Cricket Club, ASD Polisportiva ALL REDS, SCUP, Polisportiva Socrates, Liberi Nantes ASD organizzerà una serie di iniziative che si snoderanno su tutto il territorio romano.

In particolare:
Venerdì 25 ottobre ore 18.00: presentazione del libro Le mete dell’allenatore, di Flavia Sferragatta che presenzierà l’incontro insieme al professore della Sapienza Fabio Lucidi e a Gabriella Greison (attrice a sua volta de Le giacche degli allenatori, Salani).

Sabato 26 ottobre ore 10: lezioni aperte rivolti ai bambini e ai più grandi, i quali potranno giocare a calcio, rugby, cricket, basket, capoeira.

Sabato 26 ottobre ore 14: nel pomeriggio al campo Bernardini di Pietralata torneo di calcetto rivolto ad adolescenti e ad adulti.

Sabato 26 ottobre ore 18.00: presentazione del libro Molto più di un gioco, il calcio contro l’apartheid, con Valentina Iacoponi, Raffaella Chiodo della Uisp Internazionale, Matteo Patrono giornalista sportivo e Mauro Valeri, sociologo ed esperto di razzismo nello sport.

Domenica 27 ottobre ore 18.00: presentazione del libro Tommy Smith, John Carlos… e Peter Forman, saranno presenti il giornalista della Gazzetta dello Sport, Valerio Piccioni e il responsabile dei mondiali antirazzisti della Uisp Carlo Balestri. 

Rude Boys & Girls Sampdoria

12 ottobre

Il gruppo ultras Rude Boys & Girls Sampdoria, in collaborazione con la UISP Genova, hanno aperto l’Action Week in Italia con l’organizzazione dell’ormai storico Trofeo Rude Boys & Girls 1987 “Ama la Samp, odia il razzismo”.

Presso il Campo Sportivo di Villa Gavotti di Genova Multedo, il torneo di calcio a 7 si è snodato durante la giornata, seguendo le regole dei Mondiali Antirazzisti (auto arbitraggio). Hanno partecipato le squadre di: San Fruttuoso ’87, Dinamo Daspo Sampdoria, Ragazzi del ’61, Marinai nei Guai, Valsecca Group, Maghreb Sampdoria, Ilhas Cabo Verde, Palati Fini Savona, Working Class Savona, Antifa Bergamo, KVB Bari e Commando Ultrà 84 Marseille.

Pur non giocando, sono stati inoltre presenti sostenitori del Sankt Pauli e del Gruppo Drinche Montevarchi.

Quest’anno una gradita partecipazione è stata quella della U.C. Sampdoria, che ha raccolto l’invito dei Rude Boys & Girls 1987 a fare qualcosa di più. Attraverso i volti di Shkodran Mustafi, Pedro Obiang e Daniele Gastaldello, il club blucerchiato ha voluto metterci la faccia.

Stop Racism è la scritta stampata sulle maglie dei nostri ragazzi, uno slogan che non deve restare fine a se stesso. Nel calcio di oggi come in qualsiasi altro ambito della vita, di sempre. 







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