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20-27 October

GI Global will be holding a sporting cultural event, and an international conference in Skopje, that will bring together over 200 children from different parts of Macedonia. Macedonian boys and girls will have the opportunity to interact with their peers from other nationalities, religions and social backgrounds.

In cooperation with seven municipalities in Macedonia, organisers are promoting the message of diversity through football and traditional sports to children, sports teachers and fan groups. Educational material is being distributed during the game of the Macedonian first league.

Informal Youth Group Sv. Nikole

21 – 27 October

In cooperation with the Serbian organisation VOS, the youth organisation is gathering together youngsters from Serbia, Bulgaria, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina to work together as part of an intercultural exchange that will also include a futsal tournament.

The meeting will public lecture on anti-discrimination and a theatre play..

Macedonian Center for Culture and Development

15-29 October

Macedonian Centre for Culture and Development will be running a number of events in Skopje and throughout Macedonia. In cooperation with the Macedonian FA, the banners with the message ‘Racism and nationalism out of the game’ will be displayed at some of the Macedonian league matches, and educational material distributed to fans.

National Roma Centrum

18-19 October

National Roma Centrum will be launching an informative campaign about the Action Weeks at several local TV and radio stations and informative material about discrimination such as posters and flyers to primary and high schools in Kumanovo and Skopje under the motto ‘Accomplishments have no colour’.

In cooperation with the Macedonian Football Association (FFM), an intercultural football tournament is being organised at Skopje’s stadium.

Organisation of municipality of Sveti Nikole

24-27 October

The Organization of Sveti Nikole’s municipality together with partners from Voluntary Organization Svilajnac (VOS) will be bringing together young people from four countries to play at an international football tournament, and attend workshops that will raise awareness on discrimination, social inclusion, diversity and equal opportunities for everyone.

Participants will produce a promotional video with a message against discrimination to be disseminated in the social media.

Roma Youth Centre

15-29 October

Roma Youth Centre will be holding football games followed by workshops, street art events and dissemination of educational material against racism in the local community of Kumanovo. The activities will tackle the issues of discrimination, racism, marginalisation and social exclusion of the young people from poorer backgrounds, Roma people, youth from rural areas, minority youth, refugees, migrants, disabled young people and early school leavers.


18-20 October

The not for profit organisation ‘Babylon’ together with Euroalternativi 21 from Bulgaria will be hosting a three day event in Star Dojran including workshops, excursions, dance and theatre events, and a football tournament for children aged between 12 and15 of various ethnic backgrounds.

The event is bringing together participants from Negotino, Sveti Nikole, Kumanovo as well as local children from Star Dojran.

Youth Forum Bitola

20-26 October

The Youth Forum Bitola is organising a workshop and football tournament for children at the multicultural primary schools. Professional football players are invited to speak about diversity and dialogue between different nationalities and the power of football to unite people.

Participants will receive t-shirts with an anti-racist message and educational materials.


26-27 October, Skopje

YMCA will be organising a football tournament named, ‘Together on the playground against racism’, in Skopje. Participation in the indoor tournament will involve various NGOs in the field of sport and minority and amateur refugee teams.

The tournament brings together children from different ethnic minority groups such as Roma, Albanians, Turkish, Vlahs and Serbs.

YWCA Macedonia-Skopje

18-20 October

The YWCA of Skopje Macedonia will be holding a women’s football tournament. The teams will include women from diverse social and ethnic origins and aims to highlight the importance of women’s participation in sport.


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