NGO Fatima

15-29 October

NGO Fatima will be holding a series of events in Chisinau in the frame of this year’s Action Weeks.

A roundtable discussion will be held on 21-22 October, to tackle discrimination and exclusion in football and focusing on the plight of homosexuals in the east Europe including Moldova.

There will be a football tournament with participation of ethnic minorities such as African, Roma, Ukrainians, Gagauz, Russians, and fans, youngsters, children, refugees

The group with take a lead on the production and dissemination of educational material and a special CD with a short film on discrimination in football (interviews to footballers, fans, youth will feature in the DVD).

Football Association of Moldova

9 October

The Moldovan FA is supports the Football People Action Weeks. The Moldova international and FC Aarau (Switzerland) midfielder, Artur Ionita, said: “Football People should be united. Say no to discrimination and yes to equality. Football does not exclude anyone, no matter their skin colour, gender or religion. Just play football and love this game!”



19 October

AO Info-Terra will be holding a football tournament between people from different rural areas of Moldova to include African, Roma, Russian, Bulgarian and Ukrainian teams.

Participants will receive material with anti-discriminatory information. Children from the local schools in rural areas will be brought together to celebrate diversity and tolerance.

Centre support and protect the rights and interests of indigenous Roma

19-24 October

The Centre Support and Protect the Rights and Interests of Indigenous Roma will host the ‘Football – play!’ tournament, involving four teams of Roma youth from settlements in Tiraspol, Bendery and Slobozeya.


19-25 October

Tiligul-Tiras fan group will be preparing banners with the message‚ ‘We are all equal’, to be displayed at the football matches in Bendery, Ribnitsa, Tiraspol, Dubossari and Grigoriopol.


17-24 October

Vitality’s ‘Football unites all’ tournament, organised at the stadium of Tiraspol,will be played between youth teams, including Russians, Moldovans, Ukrainians, Gagauz, Bulgarians, Jewish and Roma children from the region.

In the run up to the competition a flash mob will take place in the centre of the city with famous local and foreign players to inform people about the event. Organisers are also planning to produce a short video about the tournament to be distributed to the media.

NGO Renastere Rurala

26-29 October

Renastere Rurala will be organising a football tournament during the ‘Village day festival’ in Tohatin which will involve the participation of children, youth and ethnic minorities.

Leaflets, posters, T-shirts and other educational materials with an anti-racist message will be distributed to the participants and wider public.


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