Foundation House of Peace

19 – 29 October

The NGO House of Peace is organising a football event named ‘Play Fair’ that is made up of a series of football matches to anti-racist behaviour inside and outside the stadiums.

The event will be recorded.

Aleksandrowska Szkółka Piłki Nożnej Viking

dates tbc

The school is organising two football tournaments for primary school students under the slogan +No to Racism’.

Furthermore, an art competition named ‘Day with a friend of Africa+ will challenge the children’s creativity and perception on social inclusion.

Association GTW

13 – 24 October

The NGO GTW is running its 10th football tournament under the slogan ‘Kick Out The Racism From The Stadiums’.  During the matches the group will distribute and display flyers and posters against racism. To celebrate the events, there will be a concert of the Mexican band ‘The Light of Dark’.

England Fans and NEVER AGAIN Association

15 October

Before the FIFA World Cup qualifier England v Poland, a meeting and discussion with England Fans about the current state of Polish football was held in London. Issues that persist around racism, anti-semitism and the far right were on the agenda.

Forum dla Zagłębia Dąbrowskiego

21 – 22 October

The Polish NGO Forum dla Zaglebia Dabrowskiego will be hosting a football tournament for young people and lectures on tolerance.

Fundacja dla Wolności (Foundation for Freedom)

16 – 27 October

The Polish NGO  Fundacja dla Wolności is organising a football tournament for minorities. This tournament is the biggest multicultural and co-educational football league in Poland called ‘Etnoliga’. Sixteen teams will compete during 12 weeks until the finals on the 1st of December.

Other activities associated with the topic of social inclusion will be organised during the day matches.In addition, a seminar named ‘Sport for Dialogue’ is going to take place between 15-19 October in Warsaw. As part of the event there will be the screening and discussion of the film +Football for social change and human rights’ on 16th October.

A ‘SPORT for Dialogue – good practices around Europe’ book will be issued after the seminar.

GAN Pila

14 – 25 October

Grupa Anty Nazistowska (GAN) is organising a football tournament to promote anti-racist behaviour among fans and the general society, under the motto‘Football fans against racism’.

There will be also be other activities such as a poster exhibition, development and distribution of informative materials during matches, a rock concert named ‘Let’s Kick Racism out of the Stadiums’, educational workshops, film screenings and anti-racism presentations.

GAN Trójmiasto

20 October

The Reda NGO, composed of anti-fascist members, will be organising a fire show with a special choreography that will display the message ‘No to racism’ by using fire.

Gimnazjum no 12, Szczecin

21 – 25 October

The Polish school is organising a panel discussion on racism and discrimination in football with two international players from Brazil and Cameroon currently playing at the local club Pogon Szczecin; the screening of a film about racism followed by a discussion about it; and an exhibition on foreign footballers playing in Poland. 

KS Siemi?tkowo

15 – 17 October

The institution is organising a lecture and a multimedia presentation for students of primary and middle schools on discriminatory behaviour. Other activities such as a football match and a theatre play performed by primary school students will also feature the organisation’s programme. Participants will be given informative leaflets and commemorative cups.

Nieformalne Stowarzyszenie Baba Jaga

17 – 19 October

Nieformalne Stowarzyszenie Baba Jaga will be hosting a football event to encourage dialogue and promote a positive message of social inclusion. The activities will include the distribution of informative flyers before the match between Korona Kielce and Bialystok and an anti-racism debate.

MoneyGram Nations Cup 2013 in cooperation with NEVER AGAIN Association

26 October  

Football is a common language capable of uniting nations, and the teams that play are a great representation of the world’s diversity. MoneyGram Poland is the proud organizer of this World Cup-style tournament for the international community at Warsaw Let’s Go Football Arena, in cooperation with NEVER AGAIN Association. MoneyGram Nations Cup – Let’s celebrate diversity and play in the spirit of fair play!

Poland For Everyone - Ministry of Foreign Affairs and NEVER AGAIN Association

17 October

Promotion of multiculturalism, tolerance, prevention of anti-Semitism and xenophobia are the aims of the nationwide “Poland for Everyone” competition, organised by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and NEVER AGAIN Association. The finals take place in the Warsaw’s Castle Square. 

Sport Club Orliczek

15 October

The Polish club is running a football tournament for children, adolescents and adults and a workshop on racism.Volunteers from Russia, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Hungary will help organise the event. There will also be other activities, such as national games and live music.

Stowarzyszenie Obywateli Projekt Włocławek

9 – 16 October

The NGO Stowarzyszenie Obywateli Projekt Włocławek will be hosting a tournament Pro Gaming FIFA Cup. During the tournament, the ideas of healthy rivalry, fair-play and competitionwill be diffused.

There will be activities to create awareness on discrimination for students of primary and secondary schools, a concert of hip-hop on the subject named ‘Play in freedom’ and a poll to test the knowledge of people on racism.

University of Arts London and NEVER AGAIN Association

14 October

A lecture was given by NEVER AGAIN Association to Sports Journalism students, concerning antiracist initiatives in Poland and social responsibility programme for UEFA Euro 2012 “Respect Diversity – Football Unites”.


15 – 25 October

The NGO Zaloga62100 will be hosting a large event, free of charge to participants, to diffuse an anti-racism message The activities taking place include lessons on tolerance , a conference with football stars from Bosnia and Serbia, a football tournament, street-art actions, a rock concert and the screening of an anti-racist film.

Zespół Szkół we Wrzosowej

15 – 29 October

The school in Wrzosowa will be organising an inter school football tournament. Other activities include a graffiti and paint workshop, for students, featuring a message of social inclusion.


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