Rede ex aequo

26 – 27 October

The LGBT association, Rede ex aequo, will be hosting an anti-discrimination tournament, with both male and female teams, in which they will display banners and give red cards to racism, homophobia and transphobia.
Every team will wear anti-discrimination jerseys produced by the association.
The association will also be organising a panel discussion on racism, homophobia, transphobia and discrimination, in general. This will the first event of the kind to be held in the country.

School EB 2/3 Conde de Vilalva

26 – 30 October

The Portuguese school of Conde de Vilalva will host a series of football tournaments between the school’s team, mixed team of disabled and non-disabled children, and disabled youngsters from other local organisations. .

There will be talks and workshops given by the physical education teachers which are intended to create awareness and debate on the issues around discrimination in football and in the society.

Students will create a banner and t-shirts with an anti-discriminatory message that will be displayed at the matches and at the school’s main hall until the end of the school year.

There also will be an exhibition with all the materials made by the students during the workshops. High school sports students will volunteer and help organise the event.


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