Bratislavska liga v malom futbale

20 October

Bratislavska liga v malom futbale is hosting a football tournament in which 12 teams, from different social and religious backgrounds, will compete for a trophy. The event will also include several cultural activities and catering for all participants.

Drahnov Roma Fun Club

31 October

The Roma organisation is hosting a football tournament against discrimination for pupils from elementary and secondary school. The organisers plan to invite students from three other municipalities and from several national and ethnic minorities as well.

Elementary school and kindergarten, Koskovce

18 October

The Elementary school and kindergarten in Koskovce has been joining the FARE Action Weeks for years now. This year they decided to continue in their tradition of the Tournament of the School Principal. This year it will be already the 4th year of the tournament. The main message of the event is to fight discrimination, intolerance and prejudices. The aim is to involve pupils from several minorities who will create mixed teams.

Futbalova Arena in Korna

19 – 20 October

Futbalova Arena is hosting two international football tournaments for children under 15. Professional and amateur teams from Slovakia, Czech Republic and Poland will participate in the tournament. In addition, there will be workshops and lectures regarding violence in sport, racism and gender equality.

JobPlus Agency

24 October

JobPlus is organising an activity to promote social inclusion and challenge extremism, racism and xenophobia. The day event consists of an art and literary competition around the topic ‘Children and young people on football against racism’ and an exhibition of children’s art to spread a positive message of social inclusion.

KVO Roma Vychod, Vranov nad Toplou

17 – 29 October

The organisation is hosting a number of activities to promote a positive message of social inclusion with the local Roma communities. The event includes a drawing workshop for children on 17th October under the motto ‘Football unites’; a football tournament between children of Vranova, Topl’ou and Cemerno; and a drawing, photography and biography exhibition of Roma players who play in Europe (19-29 October).

Municipality of Velke Kapusany

25 October

The Municipality of Velke Kapusany will bring together children from the local elementary schools and from several nationalities such as Ukrainians and Hungarians for a day event in which they will elaborate anti-discrimination campaigning materials. There will also be a lecture on the topic for all participants.

Obec Stara Kremnicka

15 – 29 October

Obec Stara Kremnicka is hosting a football tournament to promote tolerance to Roma people.

Obec Hontianske Tesàre

12 October

Obec Hontianske Tesàre is organising the 8th annual goulash cooking competition. The aim of this activity is to strengthen interpersonal relationships.

Osztényi Leander Basic School

15 – 29 October

The elementary school in Selice is organising an international football tournament with teams from Romania, Slovakia and Hungary and one constituted of players with mixed ethnicities. 


18 – 20 October

Saplinq is organising a two-day workshop that focuses on the importance of LGBT communities in universities by using diverse approaches such as sporting activities. The workshops will include sessions on tackling online hate speech and cyber-bullying; and discussions on how sport activities can be used to challenge homophobia, transphobia and promote the acceptance of LGBT people in the society. It will also include a networking evening event.

Slovak Football Association

14 October

The association is displaying an anti-racist banner during the UEFA under 21-qualification match between Slovakia vs. Luxembourg. The banner will show the message “Diversity makes us stronger”.

Sport Spaja

20 October

The Slovak NGO Sport Spaja will host the sixth edition of their annual anti-racism football tournament. The players will wear jerseys reading ‘Different Colours United’.

More information to be disclosed soon.

Stara Skola Kanas

18 – 19 October

Stara Skola Kanas is organising an international football tournament with the purpose of fighting discrimination and xenophobia.
The tournament is preceded by the preparation of posters and other resources, which will feature the message of the tournament. In addition, during the tournament there will be customs and a showcase of traditions from different cultures, workshops and talks about social integrity.

United colours of football

Within the framework of the FARE Action Weeks 2013 the United Colours of Football will organise an autumn version of the United Colours Of Football (UCOF) football tournament. The UCOF is an anti-racist and anti-fascist self-organised football tournament which has been taking place in Bratislava every year on 8th May (Victory day) since 2010. It arose out of two anti-racist and anti-fascist football tournaments in Bratislava, which took place since 2004.

More information to be disclosed soon. 


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