[:en]Fanprojekt Duisburg e.V.[:]

[:en]25 October, Duisburg

In collaboration with football club MSV Duisburg, the organisation is hosting a presentation and discussion led by an anti-racism expert. They will also design a wall on the southside of the MSV Duisburg stadium featuring slogans for more tolerance. They will also present an anti-discrimination banner and t-shirt to the football team at a match.

Before the match against Dynamo Dresden, the third division club will present a video clip “We are all equal because we are all different” on the screen in the stadium to show their support for the fight against discrimination. The players will support the message with special t-shirts.

Further, the group is planning to stage a theatre play addressing homophobia and is thought to be staged in the MSV Duisburg stadium.

Watch MSV Duisburg’s film from 2013.[:]

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