[:en]A.S.D. Stella Rossa Duemilasei[:]

[:en]10 – 19 October, Napoli

A photo exhibition  showing examples of football for inclusion, respect and equality is taking place in Zero81, an occupied building in the centre of Naples, where volunteers create activities to emancipate youth and families in disadvantaged conditions.

The UK charity Football Beyond Borders players of the anti-racist football club RFC Lions will address the promotion of antiracist values in society through sports. Voluntary associations from Scampia, Gridas and Mammut and the  African and the Palestinian communities off Naples were also invite to join the discussion.

The panel discussion aims to strengthen the international network among the associations that promote a common path to foster antiracism and social inclusion through sports.

Projeto Catapulta, of the portuguese organisation “SOS Racismo”, a partner of the activity, will display the same Kick Different exhibition in their office, in Porto, from 20 to 23 October.

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