[:en]Sports Club Panserraikos [:]

[:en]12 October, Serres

As 2014 marks the 50-year anniversary of MGS Panserraikos, the club have organised a series of events throughout the year in order to raise awareness on various topics regarding sports and its social impact.

These events include the organisation of international football tournaments for the fight against poverty, and tournaments for environment and climate.

With the occasion of Fare Football People weeks, they are organising the first international tournament for football academies against. The tournament will include teams of football academies from Greece and Bulgaria. It is expected to attract 600 children from 25 academies and 45 teams. All football academies active in the greater area of the Perfection of Serres and bordering municipalities in Bulgaria have been invited to attend.  The aim of the series of events is to raise awareness on the need to eliminate racism from football and to celebrate inclusion on sports.

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