14-23 October, Dortmund

ballspiel.vereint! are planning two presentations one on the topic Football and anti-Semitism and the other on the group’s visit to several Shoah memorials in Poland earlier this year.

They will also create banners against racism to be displayed during Borussia Dortmund matches for the action weeks period to help establish an anti-racist consensus in the fan scene of the club.

BiBeriS - Education projects in Sport

13 -31 October, Cologne

The educational organisation, BiBeriS, is organising a range of activities for this year’s Football People action weeks, including, a fan choreography at a 1.FC Köln match, a workshop and two lectures, one about discriminatory and far-right symbols and a second one about Jewish history in German football.

Champions ohne Grenzen (Champions without Borders)

10 October, Abgeordneten Haus zu Berlin

Champions ohne Grenzen are inviting amateur clubs, regional FA’s, refugees and human rights activists to attend in the first conference on Refugees and Migrants Rights in Football in Berlin.

The refugee sports convention will be held to discuss the support and inclusion of refugees in the grassroots football. Four different workshops on related topics led by expert speakers will seek to promote the participation of female migrants; ask participants what local clubs can do to make their facilities more inclusive and welcoming and challenge policy makers at local level to better support refugees.

Dresdner SC fans

Dresdner SC fans have organised an anti-homophobia stadium activity.

Dresdner SC


18 October, Berlin 

The fan group F95.Antirazzista of SV Wehen Wiesbaden is organising an anti-discrimination stadium activity welcoming refugees on the team’s home match against Mainz05 U23.

A workshop lead by refugee activists will also be held to promote equal rights and give voice to this minority group.


Fanprojekt Duisburg e.V.

25 October, Duisburg

In collaboration with football club MSV Duisburg, the organisation is hosting a presentation and discussion led by an anti-racism expert. They will also design a wall on the southside of the MSV Duisburg stadium featuring slogans for more tolerance. They will also present an anti-discrimination banner and t-shirt to the football team at a match.

Before the match against Dynamo Dresden, the third division club will present a video clip “We are all equal because we are all different” on the screen in the stadium to show their support for the fight against discrimination. The players will support the message with special t-shirts.

Further, the group is planning to stage a theatre play addressing homophobia and is thought to be staged in the MSV Duisburg stadium.

Watch MSV Duisburg’s film from 2013.

Fanrat des Dresdner SC 1898

9 – 23 October, Dresden

The fan group is organising a football tournament with migrants and refugees on 9 October, which they will play with other fans of Dresdner SC.

On 11 and 18 October together with the club, FC Dresdner SC 1898, the Fanrat is inviting refugees and migrants to their stadium and watch the first team play on against Königswarthaer SV and against FV Blau-Weiß Zschachwitz. The entry will be free.

These matches will also see anti-racist choreographies. The group is also planning an anti-racist advertising board to be displayed at the stadium for the entire season.

Fischladen e.V.

23 October, Leipzig

Roter Stern Leipzig fan group, Fischladen e.V. are arranging a workshop on anti- fascist behaviour in Polish football. The workshop will not only highlight extreme right-wing symbols used in football but also suggest prevention strategies drawn from examples of German football.

Follow Stern Leipzig on Facebook.

Football and Roma

11 October, Schorndorf

As part of this year’s Football People action weeks, Football and Roma, are holding a football tournament composed of six teams from the local refugee and asylum centres and one Roma team. The general public is invited to attend the tournament and to cheer on the teams.

The aim of the event is to raise awareness of refugees living in the area of Schorndorf and give them a chance to play football in a formal setting, in front of audience.

Friends and supporters of Türkiyemspor Berlin

23 October, Berlin-Kreuzberg

The fan group in association with their club, Türkiyemspor Berlin, are holding a panel discussion on the issues of racism, the “National Socialist Underground” (NSU) and the far-right in football in Germany. The NSU has murdered eleven people between 2000 and 2011, mostly Turkish immigrants. Friends and supporters of Türkiyemspor Berlin will discuss the trial against the only surviving member of the terrorist group; its reception in Turkey and its impact on German football fan cultures as some teams of the clubs have been subjected to “NSU”chants in recent seasons.

Fußballfans gegen Homophobie e.V. (FfgH)

18 October, Berlin & 9-23 October other Cities

FfgH is an initiative against homophobia and was launched by fans of TeBe during the Football People weeks 2011. Since then the traveling banner has made stopovers in over 100 grounds across Europe.

While the LGBT rights fan group has focused on homophobia in the men’s game over the past 3 years, it now plans to widen the scope to address issues of homophobia and sexism in women’s football too.

Futsal Nürnberg

18 October, Nuremberg

The amateur club is running a futsal tournament against discrimination and for the inclusion of refugees in Germany. The event is a celebration of integration and diversity through sports and will documented in a video.

Screen Shot 2014-10-03 at 16.46.03

Hamburger SV Fanprojek

7 Sept – 20 October, Hamburg

The Hamburger SV Fanprojekt are arranging an event to promote representation of female fans among the club’s fan base. They seek to encourage a better exchange among female supporters about their experience in the stadium.

During the HSV v TSG Hoffenheim match the organisation will present a banner and other informational material.

Johanniter Unfall-Hilfe e.V. KV Erzgebirge

19 October, Aue

The educational organisation is holding a workshop, for young people, focusing on identifying and addressing hatred in football. The purpose of the workshop is to raise awareness of discriminatory behaviour at football matches, and to counter these patterns of behaviour. After the workshop the group will visit a match 2nd Bundesliga club of Erzgebirge Aue.

Kohorte Ultras

19 – 20 October, Duisburg

For this year’s Football People action weeks, the fan group, Kohorte Ultras are organising a guided city walk in northern Duisburg on 19 October to a holocaust memorial site. The group will also visit a local park to inform about a murder of a homeless person by far right MSV Duisburg fans.

Kohorte aims to raise awareness of a growing problem with extreme right wing hooligans among their own club’s fan base. The group is also planning is a presentation and panel discussion focusing on identifying discriminatory actions in football stadiums.

Projekt Flutlicht

7 -8 October, Berlin

In association with Berlin Football Association and the Alliance for Democracy and Tolerance, the group, Projekt Flutlicht, is organising three workshops with youth on “stadiums and discrimination”.

The aim of the workshops is to raise awareness of the forms and presence of discrimination in football stadium and counter strategies against the practices.

Queer Football Fanclubs

16 October – 28 October

Queer Football Fanclubs are organising a series of fan choreographies whereby all their LGBT member fan clubs will produce a banner with the wording: “Football has no gender”. The fan group will then arrange a specific day and time to uniformly display the banners at the members’ own matches in the German Bundesliga.

SG SF Larrelt III / TB Twixlum III / SV FA Wybelsum II

1 October – 30 November, Lower Saxony

The amateur club in coordination with ADNN (Antidiskriminierungsnetzwerk Niedersachsen / Anti-Discrimination-Network-Niedersachsen) and Vereinsfussball für alle e.V. (Footballclub for everyone) will display messages against discrimination on their jerseys, for 30 matches, this season.

Show Racism the Red Card - Deutschland e.V.

09-15 October, Mönchengladbach (Fan House), Köln (Fan Project), Kaiserslautern (Stadium), Freiburg (Stadium)

The anti-racism group is running four events in different cities, as part of the Football People weeks ,with clubs of the German Bundesliga and fan groups.

The workshop, which will be held in Mönchengladbach, Köln, Kaiserslautern and Freiburg, features the screening of the documentary ‘Wie im falschen film‘ and a discussion on fan initiatives that have successfully tackled different types of discrimination. These will be used as a starting point to discuss good practice and anti-discrimination preventive measures in stadiums.

Unitas Aquileiae

17 October, Heidenheim

The German fan group in organising a fan choreography in support of refugees living in the Heidenheim district. An info stand will also be placed at the venue, welcoming any funding contributions to support the refugee project.

VfB für Alle and Oldenburger Fan Initiative (OFI)

09 – 23 October, Oldenburg

Fan group, VfB für Alle and Oldenburger Fan Initiative (OFI), as part of this year’s Football People action weeks are organising two lectures, one on sexism in football and another one on the role of the VfB Oldenburg during National Socialism.

They will also organise a solidarity and fundraiser concert for refugees and will stage a choreography.


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