Foundation of Subjective Values

 23 September and 9, 10 and 21 October, Budapest

Four seminars focusing on discrimination in football, the role of football governing bodies in preventing and sanctioning discriminatory behavior in stadiums, the importance of co-ordinated work in challenging discrimination and football’s power to foster social inclusion, will be held between September and October in Budapest and organised by the Fare member Foundation of Subjective Values.

The four seminars aim to develop partnerships and further strategies regarding the fight against discrimination in Hungarian football along with fans, governing bodies and anti-discrimination campaigns.

The Hungarian Olympic Committee and the country’s Football Association and Players Association are some of the partners of the seminars.

Farka Janos Foundation

10-17 October, Békéscsaba

An anti-racism football tournament will be organised in Békéscsaba, Southeast Hungary, by the Budapest-based ethnic minority group Farka Janos Foundation. The event aims to promote the inclusion of Roma people in Hungary.

The activity is being organised in partnership with Békéscsaba FC and Gremenc Volan Zrt.

Any amateur group can get involved in the tournament. To register email mezei.football@gmail.com

FriGo association

16-23 October, Budapest

The LGBT rights group is organising a week-long photo exhibition in Budapest on LGBT athletes. The exhibition will have its opening night on 16 October, featuring a workshop on LGBT presence in sport and the screening of the film Land of Storms.

This activity is looking to raise awareness of homophobia and sexism among the youngsters.

Journalists against racism

09-23 October, Budapesy and Győr

The Human Rights organisation Journalists against Racism will promote, cover and document the Football People activities in Hungary helping to bring the fight against discrimination back to the agenda. Writing, video and photo content will be published on http://fare.blog.hu/https://www.facebook.com/FareHungary?fref=ts and farehungary.twitter.com.

Lajos Kossuth Grundschule

 17 October, Győr

In Győr, Northwest Hungary, a photo exhibition is going to raise awareness of discrimination in the country while presenting the group’s work along with Fare for the last 10 years.

A football match will be held with the support of the orgnaisation’s long term partner Eötvös school.

Mahatma Gandhi Human Rights Organization

09-23 October

The NGO Mahatma Gandhi Human Rights Organization is organising a mini football league that will run from October to December 2014 with the support of the Hungarian and the Budapest Football Federations.

A series of stadium awareness raising activities are also going to take place throughout the tournament, including the distribution of informative and educational material at matches.

Szigeti Foundation

13-17 October, Budapest

The primary school is organising a ‘Minority Day’ to shed light on diversity and multiculturalism.

The day will consist of three activities, including a workshop on the issues around discrimination and how to tackle it; an anti-discrimination drawing competition for the younger years and a football tournament with others schools of the district.

Szigeti Foundation


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