A.S.D. Balon Mundial Onlus

19 October, Turin

Fare member Balon Mundial Onlus is organising a football tournament to celebrate Turin’s male and female migrants and youngsters.

This events has two main goals: show support to the “Hearts of Eagles” refugee team and to fight gender discrimination through football.

The Football People Cup is a mixed teams tournament.

GIO.SEF.UNITO, a university organisation working in the field of human rights, will give information about women and LGBT people in football during workshops at the event and in the school.

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A.S.D. La Tana del Folletto – UISP

16– 19 October, Manduria

A football tournament, organised in remembrance of the 10 year anniversary of the promising Senegalese football player, Demba Ningue, is bringing together local school students and immigrants to celebrate cultural diversity.

A public debate with lawyers, politicians, environmentalists and anti-racism action groups will also take place.

A.S.D. Polisportiva Jackie Tonawanda

10 – 18 October, Viceza

A friendly futsal cup of LGBTQI and migrant teams is being held to celebrate diversity. Local writers will paint anti-discrimination murals in the social centre of Vicenza.

A.S.D. Stella Rossa Duemilasei

10 – 19 October, Napoli

A photo exhibition  showing examples of football for inclusion, respect and equality is taking place in Zero81, an occupied building in the centre of Naples, where volunteers create activities to emancipate youth and families in disadvantaged conditions.

The UK charity Football Beyond Borders players of the anti-racist football club RFC Lions will address the promotion of antiracist values in society through sports. Voluntary associations from Scampia, Gridas and Mammut and the  African and the Palestinian communities off Naples were also invite to join the discussion.

The panel discussion aims to strengthen the international network among the associations that promote a common path to foster antiracism and social inclusion through sports.

Projeto Catapulta, of the portuguese organisation “SOS Racismo”, a partner of the activity, will display the same Kick Different exhibition in their office, in Porto, from 20 to 23 October.

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Associazione Centro Iniziative Giovani

18 – 19 October, Ascoli Piceno

Awareness raising activity around the CONI FAIR PLAY CHARTER (adopted by the Italian Olympic Committee) and host of competition for youngsters on the best SMS defining the concept of ‘Respect the Other in Sport and Life’.

Bugs Bologna A.S.D.

17 – 18 October, Bologna

A film screening is taking place on friday, 17 October, regarding racism and homophobia, and will be followed by a panel discussion.

A futsal tournament will be organised on Saturday, 18 October, in order to promote the fight against any kind of discriminations through sport.

The HSC (Hic Sunt Leones) football team, who promotes the fight against racism, will organise the film screening.

Cervino Municipality

 12 – 19 October, Cervino

Awareness raising campaign will see informative material being distributed across the city. An activity with local schools will promote inclusion and diversity. 


13 – 19 October, San Marzano

Three different activities are being organised to spread the word of inclusion, tolerance and diversity.

In cooperation with the city council of San Marzano, informative stands will be set across the city. Two conferences and a football tournament n the Villa Comunale will also take place. Ethnic minorities and the local football team will play against each other in the tournament’s matches.

Genoa CFC

09-23, October Genoa

Serie A club Genoa have made a video with some of its players in support of the Fare action weeks.


18 October, San Giovanni

A series of workshops and a panel discussion on women’s role in football are being held to raise awareness of gender equity in sport. The activities will bring together managers or regional clubs and young female athletes.

The event is organised in partnership with the association “WE LOVE EUROPE” and the “Quindicinale”.

G.S. Polisport Nuoro

12 – 23 October, Nuoro

Polisport Nuoro is organsing a series of activities to raise awareness of discrimination among young footballers. Informational materials will be distributed and t-shirts with anti-discrimination messages created for players to wear at the beginning of friendly and official games.

A friendly fixture will he also be held at Badu ‘E Carros prison.

Italian Football Federation

FIGC have declared their support for the action weeks. Italy and Juventus goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon and Nicola Rizzoli, FIFA listed referee, have both taken pictures with Fare t-shirt in a stand against discrimination in football.

Lokomotiv Zapata Polisportiva Popolare Dilettantistica

09 – 23 October, Genova 

Street sports demonstrations, including basketball, volley and football, claiming back public urban spaces will be held in neighbourhoods the neighbourhoods of migrant communities promoting sports for all.

Meetings are also addressing the issues around sport and inclusion in schools.

On 18 October, in the neighbourhood of Sampierdarena, an afternoon of street sports tournament will be held, and in the evening, at the Zapata Social Center, there will be the presentation of the book ‘Campioni d’Italia? Le seconde generazioni e lo sport’ with the author Mauro Valeri, followed by a social dinner and a concert.


30 September – May, Biella

I Leoni di Biella football team, a team constituted of African immigrants, are participating in a football league, for the first time. The championship will take please between September 2014 and May 2015.

The activity seeks to integrate the team of immigrants in the community. Along with the INAS organisation, the project will help the renewal of residence permits of the immigrants, residence cards and family reunions.

RFC Lions Ska Caserta

11 – 19 October, Caserta 

On 11 October the Pinto Stadium, RFC Lions Ska Caserta are playing a football match against United Glasgow, a Scottish football team who since 2011 provides a point of access to football for refugees and asylum seeker. The match will be followed by a multicultural party.

On 19 October, as part of the club’s traditions for the Action Week, the RFC Lions Ska in collaboration with Casertana F.C., a football team playing in the third division of the Legapro, will organise an anti-racism event during a Casertana’s football match.

Rude Boys & Girls

11 October, Genoa

The historical group of the Amata Gradinata Sud is organising, with the support of Serie A club U.C Sampdoria, the 8th football tournament ‘Ama la Samp, Odia Il Razzismo’. Music and social gatherings will also take place.

manifesto 8 torneo

U.C Sampdoria

09-23 October, Genoa

Serie A club has joined the Football People weeks. Sampdoria players Stefano Okaka, Joseph Duncan and Eder Citadin Martins took a  number of pictures wearing a NO TO RACISM t-shirt and the club’s website stories and banners are raising awareness of the campaign.

Scuola Calcio Maddaloni

09 – 13 October, Caserta

An opening football tournament is marking the start of the football season in Caserta. The event, held at the city’s football pitch, will count with the participation of the Maddaloni football club. In this occasion, the children will wear a gear with anti-discrimination message and information about Fare will be distributed among the stands. 

UISP Torino Lega Calcio

10– 19 October, Torino

UISP Torino women’s and youth futsal championships are going to dedicate their matches during the period to the Action Weeks.  The team captains will swap pennants with an anti-racism message before the kick-off. A picture will be share through UISP social media.


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