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Association of Amateurs and non-Amateurs Football Players

10 October, Bucharest

A presentation of the book ‘Sport and Racism’, by Cristian Jura, followed by a workshop and a Q&A on the same topic, is addressing racism in Romanian football and raising awareness of sports reporting and stereotypes. The initiative aims to Romanian and international footballers and journalists to discuss discrimination in sports reporting.

Semper Musica Association

26-31 October, Bucharest

The initiative ‘Football doesn’t discriminate!’, comprised in the organisation of a anti-discrimination museum and a football tournament to compete in the Tolerance Cup, is raising awareness of how discrimination affects the lives of minority groups, including Roma, LGBT, disabled, among others.

Find out more about the organisation here.

School Duiliu Zamfirescu Focsani

10 – 23 October, Focsani

A series of initiatives are bringing together Roma and non-Roma youngsters to promote inclusion and respect. A football tournament, debates, lectures on racism, workshops and a photo exhibition will address the topic. Several schools in Focsani have been invited to participate in the event.


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