[:en]10 – 17 October 2015, Limassol

Kivotos Elpida are hosting two events. On 10 October a workshop will be held on racism and discrimination in society. Young people from the local community are invited and youth workers will be engaging the teenagers in a discussion about racism in sports, its possible causes and its impact on the society. Through addressing such issues, the participants are exploring what it means to discriminate or to be discriminated on the basis of race, ethnicity, cultural background, etc.

A presentation and panel discussion on the negative impact of racism and prejudice in sports will be organised on 17 October. Youth from the community, as well as players and coaches from local football teams are invited. After this presentation/ discussion, the young attendees are given the opportunity to participate at a football match that is held at a community football field.

The objective of both events is to raise awareness on issues relating to racism and to help promote tolerance, equality, and mutual respect, highlighting the fact that sport unites people – not divides them.


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