[:en]Nil by Mouth[:]

[:en]22 October 2015, Glasgow

Nil by Mouth are hosting a special football themed event for Roman Catholic and non denominational schools in the greater Glasgow area which will see more than 100 pupils from Holy Family and Mossend Primary Schools split into teams across cultural and religious lines. The event will feature anti-sectarian workshops delivered by the Nil by Mouth staff.

One in three of all religiously aggravated offences in Scotland are directly related to football and Nil by Mouth wishes to use the #FootballPeople action weeks to highlight the way in which sports can be used to build bridges between different religious and cultural communities. In addition, a series of team challenges which will see participants compete to win fairtrade footballs to be sent to children in Zambia are hosted. These aim to highlight how football and teamwork can be used to create a fairer world.

Nil by Mouth Campaign Director Dave Scott said: “We all have our different teams and opinions, but we’re all united by this love of the game, and its eccentricities. Sometimes it’s easy to forget the joy, and forget that football isn’t always the problem – it can be part of the solution. By taking part in this event pupils are joining with thousands of people across Europe who are using Fare’s programme to prove football can build bridges between communities, continents and cultures.”[:]

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