[:en]Dynama Donau – der feministische Frauen*fußballverein in der Brigittenau[:]

[:en]17 – 31 October 2015, Brittenau

During the 2015 action weeks the club is producing club specific t-shirts with the inscription „Refugees Welcome” for all 100 team members, inclusive its coaches. On 10th and 17th October the team is organising action days at the stadium, where they are warming up and playing in the produced „Refugees Welcome“ shirts and are distributing flyers and stickers. Dynama Donau is furthermore inviting asylum seekers from the nearby camp in Traiskirchen.

The event’s target groups are younger refugees and girls who are welcome to share the day with the team, watch and play football. The t-shirts will be used during the warm up at all games of the upcoming season to spread the message wherever the team plays.[:]

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