[:en]Intelektualet e rinj[:]

[:en]15 – 18 October 2015, Shprese

The organisation from Albania is inviting a group of 25-30 people with different backgrounds to Prizren city to participate in a workshop about discrimination, aiming to raise awareness about a recently dismissed Albanian law against discrimination. Case studies and good practice examples of anti discrimination activities and how sport can be used as tool for promoting social inclusion and cooperation will be topic of the seminar. The participants will be ethnic minorities, vulnerable youth, women, LGBT people, Roma and students.
Further, on 18 October a sports day is taking place, on which sport teams from different NGOs, universities, the media and Roma communities will compete against each other. During the activities posters and leaflets are being spread to reach a broader audience. Furthermore a special edition on TV is being broadcasted, where the campaign’s event is being promoted.[:]

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