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[:en]11 – 17 October 2015, Amsterdam

Bullying or exclusion by sexual preference has been a major social problem for decades. Not only in social life or in the workplace, but also in sports or at school, LGBT people are harassed and bullied on a daily basis. That knowledge is the basis for the educational art project ‘Bully’; a feature film that tells a story about a lesbian teenager who is being bullied at her school and a football player who is struggling with his depressive mother at home and his difficult childhood. During the #FootballPeople action weeks scenes for the movie will shot. These shootings can be attended by children for free. The film will be released with an educational package by various LGBT-rights associations working together with major football clubs in the Netherlands, as ADO The Hague, AZ Alkmaar, PSV Eindhoven and Excelsior Rotterdam in 2016. The organisation aims to host the biggest Dutch film premiere ever, with more than 34.000 visitors in one of the stadiums in the Netherlands.


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