[:en]VfB für Alle e.V.[:]

[:en]26 – 30 October 2015, Oldenburg

The fan group is working together with the club VfB Oldenburg and the inhabitants of an refugee house in Oldenburg to organise a football game between the VfB Oldenburg and a refugee team during the 2015 #footballpeople action weeks. The game is taking place on 28 October at the Maastrichter Straße (Jugendleistungszentrum). In the local cinema the organisers are presenting the movie “Istanbul United” about Turkish ultras and their activites during the Gezi-protests in 2013. The event is taking place on 26 October. On 30 October, Pavel Brunßen, editor in chief of the Transparent Magazin is holding a presentation about football and racism in Europe. The event is taking place in the Fanprojekt.


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