[:en]Vienna Institute for International Dialogue and Cooperation (VIDC)[:]

[:en]October – November

Fare member and action weeks partners FairPlay-VIDC is implementing a series of activities during the 2015 Football People action weeks together with grassroots and professional clubs, the Austrian Football League (ÖFBL) and Foootball Federation (ÖFB).

These activities will be run under the motto „Kein Platz für Diskriminierung“ (in English, no place for discrimination). Stadium activities with all women teams of the first Austrian league are part of the annual activities since 2013 and will be held this year too, as the organisation wants to intensify their commitment to tackle sexist stereotypes and boost women’s football.

FairPlay aims at enhancing visibility for women and girls in Football in general, breaking down barriers of sexist stereotypes and making the clubs more known and therefore more accessible for especially younger girls.[:]

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