[:en]Klub za osnazivanje mladih 018[:]

[:en]08 – 09 October, Nis

The event, which will take place over a two-day period, will campaign against prejudice of woman in football and other sports. The main activity is a flash mob in which female players from the women’s club Masinac will perform tricks with ball to attract of passersby. Also planned is an enhanced darts game whereby players aim at a big custom-made darts board is placed on the ground, with the word “Prejudice” in the local language is printed in the bulls eye section. The group’s team will then place stickers of hearts with the message, “Only with love and understanding we can overcome prejudice”, for each bulls eye hit. A friendly female football match will also take place between the volunteers of Klub za osnazivanje mladih 018 and players from the club, Masinac. A video recording will be made of players invited to share their experience, and the opinion, on the issue of prejudice and discrimination of women in sports.[:]

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