[:en]Sarajevo Football Club 2000[:]

[:en]16 October, Sarajevo

SFK 2000 Sarajevo will be running a street football event called Soccer for Health in Sarajevo with the aim to promote gender equality, women in football and to raise awareness about women’s health. This event will focus on Roma women, refugees and women that live in rural areas in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In cooperation with football ambassadors, journalists and relevant figures of sport and society, SKF 2000 Sarajevo will run a street conference, with the messages being: women playing football to help for a healthy lifestyle, women playing football to raise awareness of gender equality and football connects people regardless of gender or social status.

Also the event’s sponsor, a private clinic, will provide free health consultation to women partaking in the event.

Soccer for Health will take place in front of BBI Centar shopping mall during the Football People action weeks between 6 and 20 October.[:]

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