[:en]Capacitación y Derechos Ciudadanos – Programa Iguales Ante la Ley[:]

[:en]15 October, La Paz

Capacitación y Derechos Ciudadanos is organising the a football championship against homophobia and transphobia, which is a two-day event that will see the participation of students, LGBT organisations, national and international entities linked to LGBT+ rights.

This initiative has its purpose to put a stop to homophobia and prejudice against the LGBT community.

At the event, informative materials will be distributed to raise awareness of LGBT+ rights and how to tackle fight against homophobia.

There will be workshops and information stalls for people not competing and the teams that wait to play. The hashtags for the event are #FutbolLibreDeHomotransfobia and #SoccerFreeOfHomotransPhobias

Supporting the two-day event are LGBTI organizations Adesproc Libertad GLBT, Red de Mujeres Lesbianas de La Paz and Asociación de Mujeres Trans de La Paz; and the United Nations of Bolivia.


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