[:en]New Israel Fund[:]

[:en]25 October, Israel FA, Ramat Gan

‘The Team for Social Responsibility’ is being launched on the 25 October, resulting of a collaborative initiative between New Israel Fund,  the Israel Football Association and the Israeli Football Players Association that will see Jewish and Arab players exerting an ambassadorial role to spread message in favour of diversity.

‘The Team for Social Responsibility’ consists in 11 players with different backgrounds, including a Jewish and Arab player from Israeli club Hapoel Beer Sheva, an Ethiopian-Israeli player and Jewish and Arab players from Israel’s women National Team.

The initiative aims to use sport to bring Jews and Arabs living in Israel together and to educate children about tolerance, mutual respect and social inclusion.

The ‘Team for Social Responsibility’ will operate throughout the 2017/18 and 2018/19 seasons and will encourage players to use their popularity to become more engaged and work for social change.


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