[:en]Ponderosa e.V.[:]

[:en]7 October, Lünow

Local NGO Ponderosa e.V. is running a football camp for girls aged seven to 17 in Stolpe, Angermünde, Lünow and Stolzenhagen, in the northeast Brandenburg region of Germany, next to the border with Poland. Caitlin Fisher, a former professional player, is leading this initiative through a partnership with Ponderosa, a performing arts, dance and movement centre located in Stolzenhagen, Brandenburg. Several players from the Berlin-based Hansa FC women’s team will support her.

There are no local girls’ teams in this area of Brandenburg and very few opportunities for girls to get involved in the game. This will be the first time that such an initiative is taking place in this area and it is hoped that this camp can be used as a platform from which more regular football opportunities for girls can be built in this region. The camp might also be a start for engaging with girls across the Polish border (approximately 20 km away) and bringing girls and families together through the game.[:]

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