[:en]Zebras stehen auf e.V.[:]

[:en]5-19 October, Duisburg

The fan group and long-term contributors Zebras stehen auf will join the Football People weeks with a host of different activities under the umbrella of “Fare action weeks in Duisburg”. In cooperation with Kohorte Ultras, Fanprojekt Duisburg und second Bundesliga club MSV Duisburg, they will host a talk by political scientist and editor of the Transparent Magazin Pavel Brunßen about hooligans and the political shift to the far-right in Europa (dt: Hooligans und der Rechtsruck in Europa). This will be followed by a discussion on the topic. Istanbul United, a film about the role of ultras during the Gezi-protests in Istanbul 2013, will be screened in the Djazz club in Duisburg. An inclusive football tournament with refugee teams, MSV Duisburg fan clubs and team from local youth centres will follow.

Expect a fan choreography during the match against Eintracht Braunschweig (13th October).


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