[:en]Kompass. Mensenrechten Dichtbij[:]

[:en]19 October, Den Haag

Kompass is a civil rights organisation based in the Netherlands. The newly-established NGO aims to connect marginalised groups and local residents with policymakers in support of creating a dialogue between the various different groups within Dutch society.

On the 19 October, Kompass will host two panel discussions focusing on LGBT rights and racism in football. The event hosted by Kompass will coincide with the One Young World (OYW) Conference that will be taking place at the same time in Den Haag.

The main aim of the Kompass panel discussions is to raise awareness in the Netherlands about racism in football. Using the momentum of the One Young World Conference it is hoped that the event will inspire the One Young World Ambassadors to use their influence in raising further awareness about the issues discussed.


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