[:en]Champions ohne Grenzen e.V[:]

[:en]14-15 October, Berlin

Champions ohne Grenzen e.V. is a nonprofit organization from Berlin (Germany) that started in 2012 with a weekly football-training for refugees. It aims to be more than an organisation that provides free sports activities but to act as an agent of change by being a mediator in the engagement of athletic, social and political groups in promoting the integration of refugees into local communities across Berlin and Brandenburg.

Champions ohne Grenzen e.V. are launching their new project “Women: start to coach!” in a two day event during the Football People weeks. The events aims to address the ongoing challenge of the underrepresentation of ethnic minority and more specifically refugee women in the world of football and beyond. Over thirty representatives from sports bodies to academic institutions and social and political activists are expected to attend the two day conference, with the event providing a platform for ideas and knowledge to be shared in order to provide ethnic minority women with the necessary skills to coach a football team.

The two-day event will start with an ice breaker session where participants will describe: “Where are they from? What experiences they have? What is their position / perspective on football? What are the similarities and differences between the local settings and countries?” Following the ice breaker, a practical session will take place where participants will demonstrate their own training practices and have the opportunity to try new coaching methods. The final day will start with a discussion about the theoretical and practical methods required to coach a team, concluding with a brainstorming session on how the knowledge and skills gained during the course of the event will be used in the future to create more female role models for ethnic minority women. Further information will also be provided for those who wish to obtain a coaching license.


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