[:en]Chiparamba Breakthrough Sports Academy[:]

[:en]23–25 October, Lusaka

Since 1998, the Chiparamba Breakthrough Sports Academy has offered community-based sports to over 13,659 young Zambians between the age of 4 and 20 years old. It aims to use sports in innovative ways to foster resiliency and teach leadership skills to young people through community development initiatives as well as competitive sporting events.

As part of the Fare Global Grants scheme, the Zambian sports academy will be hosting a 3-day Youth Development Conference during the #FootballPeople weeks aiming to train 30 young people who will empower girls and women. The conference will cover specific themes such as: project management, monitoring and evaluation, women’s rights, advocacy, sexual and reproductive health, goal setting and financial management. This unique learning and sharing session will create a platform for new community leaders and for sustainable women and girl empowerment programmes. The newly trained community leaders will reach out to over 400 girls and women in rural areas engaging them to get involved in sport and physical activity.[:]

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