[:en]KS Chrząszczyki[:]

[:en]14-16 October, Warsaw

As part of this year’s #FootballPeople campaign, KS Chrząszczyki is organising several events, the first of which is a football tournament which is free for all to attend. The tournament as a rule asks all teams to be mixed i.e. include both men and women and will promote fair play values of tolerance and respect for one another throughout the day. A panel discussion will follow the ‘Ultimate Football’ tournament. Moderated by an expert in discrimination in football, the debate will focus on homophobia and discrimination in Polish sports. The panel discussion aims to raise awareness on the challenges members of the LGBTQ community face in sports as the topic remains silenced and taboo in Poland.

KS Chrząszczyki will also organise an exhibition presenting the work of Julia Shablovskaya, a Belorussian photographer who has been capturing the many faces of diversity in football through her work with AKS ZŁY. This event promises to encourage the active engagement of participants as they look at the work on display.AKS ZŁY is a women’s football club made up of women with hearing impairments and those who are part of the LGBTI community. By working with an inclusive club such as AKS ZŁY, Julia has captured the true power of football in its ability to unite people from different groups within society.



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