[:en]Liga Tolerantnosti (League of Tolerance)[:]

[:en]06-20 October, Locations across South and East Ukraine

League of Tolerance (LOFT) is a group made up of human rights activists, trainers, coaches and youth workers. This network aims to protect the rights of children and young people in Ukraine, particularly those at risk of social exclusion. LOFT has laid the groundwork to create sustainable conditions to involve in activities children who are affected by disability, ethnic minority children and those who’ve been displaced due to the ongoing conflict in Eastern Ukraine.

LOFT received a development grant to run a Holistic Football School across multiple locations in Eastern Ukraine where it aims to empower girls and women by encouraging them to take part in football sessions. The Holistic School will not only be used to change traditional views about the role of women in Ukrainian society but will open an intercultural dialogue between different groups that have previously never interacted with each other.

The Holistic Football School offers both physical activity and a learning opportunity for coaches; the project will end in late October to coincide with Fare’s #FootballPeople weeks. Starting on the 6 October, a workshop focusing on access to sport for internally displaced people will discuss ways in which to include this isolated community. From the 16 to the 20 October, several football matches will be played promoting fair play and inclusion. LOFT’s #FootballPeople tour will conclude at the home of pro club FC Dnipro where a football festival for vulnerable children is being held. All graduates from the Holistic Football School will receive an information brochure about what they have learned by taking part in the project and will get to learn more about League of Tolerance and their partners.


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