[:en]Sseninde Foundation[:]

[:en]12 October, Northern Region

The Growing Game for Girls (G3) Promoting Play Project will be holding a deaf Football Symposium in collaboration with SsenindeFound. In partnership with Fare Network, the project aims to empower girls and women in different regions in Uganda by providing grassroot football clinics, friendly community competitions and coach training to schools for deaf children. The goal is to empower girls and women with disabilities to feel worthy and able to participate in society. The G3 project will be led by a cross-cultural team of women, including UK-based professional women’s footballer Jean Ssenende, former Ugandan women’s national team coach Majidah Nantanda, and USA-based football instructor Lisa Berg.  By creating a safe place where these girls can learn and enjoy football the same way hearing girls do, the communities’ believes that they have as much potential to accomplish other things in their lives as well is being increased. As a Global Grant recipient, the project will work together with NGO’s, Uganda government organisations and media to promote the participants for outside programs that will continue to support, encourage and grow their impact on communities.[:]

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