[:en]Altropallone ASD Onlus[:]

[:en]19th October, Milan

During the #FootballPeople Weeks, Altropallone ASD Onlus will organise different workshops on how football can be used as a tool for social inclusion and to tackle any kind of discrimination. Specifically, a workshop at the “Catholic University of Milan” on social and educational sport, involving students who are attending a master degree in “sport and communication”. The workshop will be attended by NGOs in the field of sport and education in Milan, grassroots football teams (St Ambroeus) and sport associations (local FAs) as well as potentially some non-Italian stakeholders (Raffaella Chiodo, members of UISP and FARE network’s board) and international speakers. The second workshop will focus on gender equality in sport, held at “La Fabbrica del Vapore” and will include “Acea” as well as the association “Ladysoccer”, for an analysis of gender issues in Italy.



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